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See The Artistic Legacies Of Lor Calma And The Eameses In This Exhibit

Furniture company CWC celebrates modern design rendered in metal and wood In ‘East Meets West’

East Meets West is a group exhibit of legendary designers Lor Calma and Ray & Charles Eames. It is a celebration of modernist architecture and design from two different parts of the world—the Philippines and the United States. 

Lor Calma (L) and Ray and Charles Eames (R), pillars of modern design in the Philippines and the United States, respectively. | Courtesy of CWC

The east is represented by Lor Calma’s Origami Series 3 sculpture, and the west by Ray & Charles Eames’ Molded Plywood Sculpture.

The Eames' Molded Plywood sculpture and Lor Calma's Origami Series 3 | Courtesy of CWC
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The exhibit symbolizes a bridge between different styles, different mediums, and different cultures— connected by the artistic expression reflected in their works. East Meets West brings people together to celebrate these legendary designers and their iconic works which continue to inspire the next generation.

To further inspire design fans and aficionados, CWC invited the descendants of these design legends to the show's launch: Architect Ed Calma, Lor Calma's son and Eames Demetrios, Charles and Ray Eames' grandson.  Both gave short talks that offered an intimate view into their rich design heritage.

Have a look at the show's highlights in the gallery below: