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ZOO Label's Newest Store Is Serving Up Major Room Inspo

Taking inspiration from Morocco's iconic pink streets, entrepreneur Kat Zulueta-Melgarejo shares practical tips on how to achieve an elegant, feminine aesthetic when designing a space

As the founder and CEO of ZOO, a homegrown fashion house making its name as an It-girl's go-to brand for luxurious yet affordable occasion wear and elevated casuals, Kat Zulueta-Melgarejo certainly knows a thing or two about creating pretty visuals.

She's definitely proven her mettle in the industry by starting out as the owner of a small online label-turned-boutique (and a stunning one, at that!), but this time, she's flexing her muscles in another field of design and slaying yet again: interiors! 

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The entrepreneur recently opened her brick and mortar store located at U.P. Town Center in Quezon City, and the place looks nothing short of amazing. Drenched in salmon pink from floor to ceiling and outfitted with ultra-feminine details, the store is a world on its own and paints a clear picture of who the ZOO wearer is. 

"We’ve been an online brand since conception, and now it’s about time customers have a sensorial experience of the brand through our physical stores... Our branding has always been connected to pink, and this color best expresses our brand aesthetic which is feminine, young, fun, beautiful and refined," she explains. 

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As Kat dives into more detail about the inspiration behind her boutique's design, we picked up several tips on how to achieve a similar finish in our own spaces, be they at home or at work:  

1) Be confident.

Yes, the same mantra also applies to your choice of interiors, not only your wardrobe!

It's the only way that a room painted in pink (or any other bold, bright color) can complement your personality, rather than swallow you whole. Many fashionistas believe that they should "wear a dress, and not have the dress wear them;" the same principle applies here. 

Be sure about how you want to decorate and don't hesitate; if you're unsure about a color scheme or overall look, it's best to re-think and take a little time more to decide on what you truly want to make a sure a space is all you and not only a repository of design trends that you don't actually like and will look outdated after a short period of time.

As Kat puts it, "A ZOO muse is someone who feels empowered in her skin."

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2) Juxtapose. 

Although it's easy to classify ZOO's store's design as generally "girly," a closer look reveals that it's more than that. 

Why it's so attractive and not overwhelmingly dollhouse-like is because she juxtaposed feminine décor with modern touches via her lighting, technology, and textures, balancing things out in subtle, yet impactful ways. The key is in the details; make sure that the longer your eyes stay on a spot, the more there is to discover and appreciate. 

''The textured pink walls that surround the area give the feeling of rawness to the place juxtaposed with the modern glamour gold racks with interesting twist details. Completing the raw elements are pots in different sizes washed in pink, all lined together with wreath plants. Fitting rooms with velvet curtains, curved back-lit mirrors, terrazzo tile detail, plush curved sofas, and an iPad station were added to complete the shopping experience," details Kat. 

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3) Look for international inspiration.

Gather  inspiration from some of the world's most picturesque places and figure out ways for re-interpreting them into your own spaces.

For instance, Morocco's iconic pink streets guided Kat's visions for her salmon pink walls that she made even more interesting by incorporating grainy paint finishes and big dramatic arches that separate areas within her store. There's a lot of Morocco going on here, yet they're also not a flat-out lift and paste of the country's most recognizable designs. 

Kat shares, "Inspired by the iconic pink streets of Morocco, the ZOO store is an all-pink space that houses our latest and best-selling collections, and also a space where customers can create their own pieces with our custom-fit and custom color service available at a minimal fee."


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4) Go for fresh.  

For those who haven't made it a habit yet, the positive effects of having fresh flowers and greens in an indoor space always comes as a surprise. 

One of the ways Kat added life (literally) to her boutique was by displaying potted plants in focal points. They're fragrant and pretty. They're details you won't typically find in a store. Best of all, they automatically make a space feel way more luxurious! 

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Photographs courtesy of Kat Zulueta-Melgarejo