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These 6 Designing Women Learned A Decorating Secret Or Two From Their Mom

As they say, mama knows best—and these design leaders have heeded her advice

We always hear the statement, “Mothers know best,” and as children, we used to debate whether this line is real or false. But fast forward to our grown up years and we realize that, all along, our moms do know what’s best—giving us wisdom and support that we need to grow up into the person that we are today.  

In honor of all the amazing mothers out there, we celebrate her special day looking back on her words we’ll never forget—advice that was carried to this day, and helped build a successful life. We asked these women in design (and proud moms as well!) for decorating secrets they received from their respective mothers that they’ll eventually pass on to their kids. Read on and see what our design leaders have gained and treasured from the precious woman of their lives.

Gallery Cover Photo by @atelieralmario