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Book A Stay At These Beach Resorts That Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff And Heart Evangelista Love

As a bonus, you get to experience what real ecotourism is like!

With more and more Filipinos getting vaccinated and the local tourism industry slowly getting back on its feet, we're one step closer to getting to do what we've been deprived of since last year—planning a beach trip!

We're fortunate enough to live in a country where beach season never ends, which means the most beautiful beach resorts and hotels in the country have their doors open for guests all year long.

If you can't pick a place to visit first, why not look to celebs and influencers like Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Dani Barretto, Jess Wilson, Chie Filomeno and Metro girls Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff and Heart Evangelista to show you the way. They've visited some rather beautiful locations in the last few months, while one of them (guess who!) has even opened up her very own beachside resort just this month. 

Check out some of these resorts in the list below! 

From Palawan To Batangas, Here Are 5 Wellness Resorts Perfect For A Safe And Healthy Summer Holiday


From Palawan To Batangas, Here Are 5 Wellness Resorts Perfect For A Safe And Healthy Summer Holiday

The little island paradise: Flower Island Resort PH

Location: Taytay, Palawan 

To name some celebrity guests: Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, Max Collins, Kryz Uy, Jay R and Mica Javier, and Fatima Rabago and Hideo Muraoka

Before eco-tourism became a travel buzzword and a big deal for nature and beach lovers, Flower Island Resort PH was already hard at work advocating it—for 30 years, to be exact. Consider where it's located; Palawan is literally the world's last ecological frontier, which means it's home to a dizzying array of wildlife, many of which are found beneath the waves. Thus, it makes perfect sense for this resort to be a hotspot for tourism, but a non-obtrusive structure in its natural environment. They're a model in keeping things small scale, but without compromising luxury. 

With just 20 bungalows and island perimeter you can circle in a couple of hours, Flower Island Resort is private and quiet. It's not for you if you expect to go on vacation and people watch all day long (especially not these days, what with COVID still pestering us all), but what it is is serene, rejuvenating, and an excellent way to commune with nature. If you want to be "stuck" somewhere to ride out a few days of the pandemic, this is where you want to be. 

The resort's design clearly leverages on blending in with its surroundings. Bungalows are essentially elevated nipa huts taking full advantage of available local materials, and you'll find a minimum of concrete and steel. The feel of rooms is warm, woody, and neutral, leaving some elements unvarnished; think of what a freshly cracked coconut looks like with its soft white flesh and smooth brown and green shell, and use that imagery to imagine what staying in one of their Bungalows feels like. 

The resort's management and employees alike are passionate about making sure guests a good time, but above all else, they teach guests the value of ecological preservation during their stay. By the kind of food they prepare, the materials used to construct and decorate villas, and the activities they offer, guests experience for themselves how beautiful life can be if we lived harmoniously with the planet and all the lives it holds. 

For complete information about the resort, visit their website here

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This New Residential Tower Balances Urban And Sustainable Living

The little island paradise: Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort 

Location: Culion, Palawan 

To name some celebrity guests: Camille Co, Chie Filomeno, Jess Wilson, Catriona Gray, Andie Eigenmann, Dani Barretto, Denise Laurel and Dimples Romana 

When it comes to traveling to tropical locations, the trend that's emerged over time is wanting to experience the location, and not just arrive at a nice-looking hotel. Guests want to immerse themselves in a new and exciting place, not feel as if they're strangers observing something through a protective barrier. This is exactly what you get at Sunlight Ecotourism Resort in Palawan, another shining example of how tourism can flourish without destroying what was there long before people arrived.  

This resort is a rather large one with 55 villas, or 99 rooms all in all, but it never feels crowded. You'll want to spend most of your time outdoors during your stay here (imagine luxuriating in an outdoor bath, snorkeling and cruising along on a yacht as your daily activities), but if and when it's time to head indoors, Sunlight's rooms are just as ready to give you a memorable time. 

All villas are designed to imbue a recognizably Filipino aesthetic, but with a wow-worthy surprise that will amaze you again and again no matter how many times you see it. Their most luxurious villas are outfitted with glass panel floors (yes, floors) that allow guests to watch marine life swim by in their natural habitat. It's not uncommon for guests to strip beds of pillows and comforters to camp out on the floor next to these panels and enjoy the view that's so calming it's almost meditative. The water is so clear that you can see all the way to the ocean floor where fish and coral abound.

When it comes to the resort layout itself, you'll find yourself enjoying that, too. Villas are not lined up in straight lines, and it does away with anything that feels too industrial and obviously manmade. Instead, villas are arranged to follow the island's natural contour, and some of them are even propped up out in the ocean itself. You reach these floating villas via a picturesque wooden walkway that's beautiful in the day but is a whole other level of awesome come sunset and the nighttime.

In fact, just this month, Jess Wilson got married at the resort! 

For complete information about the resort, visit their website here

They also have a virtual tour to give you a preview of the Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort experience. 


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Pet Homes Elevated: Casa Natura Creates Bespoke Japandi-Style Furniture For Your Fur Babies

The little island paradise: Hotel Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa 

Location: Ilanin Forest West, Subic Bay 

Kamana Sanctuary being just a couple of hours away from Metro Manila makes it an ideal getaway for those who want a quick escape. If all you can spare is a weekend till you return to the daily grind, this is a place you can consider. Plus, it's family-friendly and the kids won't get antsy on the drive to the resort! (Of course, you'll have to inquire whether they accept bookings of families with children of a certain age).  

Overall, Kamana Sanctuary is pretty straightforward. It's a fuss-free stay but it still manages to hit all the right spots what with its proximity to the ocean and a pool, outdoor spaces, and for the grown ups, spa services to top things off (also, Duty Free is right there, so if you want to do some shopping before heading home, go for it!). 

The location gives guests two options for accommodations: rooms at the hotel, or casitas, which are their floating villas that offer a tad bit more privacy and fun. Each room is outfitted with classic elements, keeping things fuss-free and comfortable, and a magnificent view of the Bay. Pick a room according to your preference—do you want a room whose doors open up to the ocean that's a stone's throw away, or one with a pretty balcony that affords you a bird's eye view of Subic's beach and mountainsides that you can admire? 

For complete information about the resort, visit their website here

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6 DIY Essentials Your Home Will Thank You For

The little island paradise: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay 

Location: Station 1, Boracay Island 

You can always count on Heart Evangelista to surprise us with what she's been up to. This time, she wowed us when she came out with the news that she's officially opened the doors of her new business this month, none other than an island resort called Harlan Beach Villa Boracay! 

It sits on Boracay Island's Station 1 where it's right at home with the islands most posh destinations. Though it's not a hotel, it's ideal for big groups (think families, bridal parties, or corporate groups) that want to rent out a place that's all theirs and has all the amenities—and Instagramable-ness—of its larger neighbors. 

Checking it out from the outside, it draws clear inspiration from Boracay's natural resources. Woven nipa, palm, bamboo are aplenty, but its most notable design element has to be how it manages to be incredibly homey and cozy, but still spacious and palatial, as far as beach villas go. Floor-to-ceiling windows (lots of windows), functional balconies you'll actually want to hang out in, and high ceilings give the impression that Boracay's shoreline is yours entirely and that there's very little delineating the outside space from the indoors. (The ocean is literally feet away from your pati0). Natural sunlight was clearly a priority in this place's architecture, as well as the biggest, uninterrupted possible view of the horizon. 

Rooms and shared spaces are sleek and contemporary; you won't exactly feel that you're living in a rustic beach cottage, but rather, the atmosphere is having your own pocket of urban conveniences married with organic design. And we mustn't forget the pool; instead of a little walkway or garden as the central space between villas, it's an irresistibly refreshing pool that cuts between them.

For complete information about the villa, visit their Facebook page

Heart's latest vlog takes us a tour around the villa, which you can watch below!

Opening images from @flowerislandresort_ph @iamhearte @sunlight_islandresort