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Editor’s Picks: 7 Retro Kitchen Appliances That Will Help Bring Back The Good Old Days

These combine cutting edge functionality with comforting vintage looks… all available at Lazada’s 9.9 Sale

At a recent webinar by trend authority, WGSN, style experts have identified the power of nostalgia as a key influencer in driving the styles for this season’s homeware market.  Why?  In a paper, The Healing Powers of Nostalgia, they have reported that this contemplative yearning for the return of the past has earned Millennials the nickname of “The Nostalgic Generation,” underscored during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Often viewed as a sentimental longing for a past era that exists in the collective imagination, nostalgia is drawn upon as an emotional tool that brings back times that were rooted in stability and comfort.  Its power is healing to a generation plagued by the pandemic and its woeful economic implications.  Whether or not this aching for better times gone by is escapism, the homeware market has been quick to heed its call.  Now that so many are baking and have even started their own humble food business, who doesn’t associate warm feelings with the scent of freshly baked muffins and mom or a loving kusinera with a kitchen that looks like this, designed with colors and materials that take one to the past:

You can now bring this vibe into your own kitchen.  Start gradually in the form of small appliances.  Here are our picks:

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