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WATCH: An Exclusive Look At Joanna Preysler-Francisco’s Home Gym

Metro.Style presents Favorite Spaces, a series that offers a special peek into the beloved rooms of some of our favorite personalities

In a new series via Metro.Style’s YouTube channel, we present you Favorite Spaces.  This series gives an exclusive peek the most loved corners of personalities, socialites and celebrities.  As the whole world cocoons at home, these videos show how isolation has us safe within the premises of our beloved dwellings.  Aside from having a privileged view into these spaces, you will learn various insights on these personalities’ quarantine activities, what has kept them going, how they stay positive and sane during this otherwise uncertain period.  Watch the series on Metro.Style’s YouTube Channel.


The series kicks off with a look into the favorite space of Joanna Preysler-Francisco, Marketing Director of Provenance Gallery and Othello, whose favorite space is her home gym.  Expect to see some workout equipment in it, but it’s not quite your typical workout room.  Illuminated by dramatic low lighting, this cozy space is aptly furnished with a full wall of mirrors.  A pair of comfortable mustard slipper chairs is the pop of color introduced to liven up the room, which plays host to a variety of art work, from paintings to sculptures.

Joanna shares that working out in the time of COVID-19 has taken some re-inventing.  “I’ve got Zoom workout dates, I have an app for my favorite barre exercise, and people are doing live workouts on IG… I’ve discovered all these other ways and means that keep me busy working out at home,” she shares.  Her favorite space is not only a place for her physical wellness.  It also gives her the room to think, and put life in perspective.  “The other day, I went for a walk with my husband and two sons, and I came home with such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude… When I’m here, and I have all that time to reflect, the time without all the noise, that’s when I feel most in touch with everything that’s going on, “ Joanna says.