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Five Laundry Hacks To Make Clothes Last Longer While Saving Time And Money

Support your investment dressing with an extra measure of TLC that could very well make your clothes heirlooms

Investing in high-quality clothing is one thing but taking care of it is another. It requires understanding, consideration, and time to ensure they last longer and avoid breaking the bank. To make sure that your clothes are durable, especially those made with the most valuable fabrics, get into the following practices, and experience the best laundry care while saving money: 

Read the Care Label

The first step in making sure that clothes last longer is by checking the care labels and following instructions religiously. The Washer and Dryer’s AI Control will further help by remembering these directions and by providing advice on cycles, planning, and troubleshooting.

The Auto Cycle Link is another feature that can be benefitted from as it saves both time and effort. Here, the dryer will automatically select the perfect drying course based on the previous wash.

Always Sort Laundry

Sorting laundry such as categorizing clothes by color, fabric, and washing heavily soiled items separately will help save time and effort on wash days.

Keep Your Valuables Safe With This Flexible Storage Solution Service


Keep Your Valuables Safe With This Flexible Storage Solution Service

Go Easy on the Detergent

In the washer, a large amount of detergent can dull clothes and make them stiff. But with Ecobubble, you can intensively clean with the use of less detergent. Here, the detergent is turned into bubbles, quickly penetrating fabric and removes dirt easily.

Properly Dry Clothes

Do not worry about overheating and potential shrinking of clothes when using a dryer with the Hybrid Heatpump. With the use of Optimal Dry and a well-adjusted drying time, it ensures that the clothes are treated more gently with better care, thus preventing them from being damaged.

Store Everything In Its Rightful Place

It is also important to know how to store each clothing item correctly. For example, heavy sweaters have to be folded and put on the shelf and not hung. Additionally, by avoiding moldy storage spaces or bathrooms and giving clothes proper spaces in the wardrobe, they will be given a little breathing space they need.