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For Julia Barretto, A Pink Christmas Tree And A Happy Couple of Flamingoes

Watch the 22 year old celebrity first-time homeowner shop for her Christmas decor and decorate her first Christmas tree PLUS useful tips from her mom Marjorie

Julia Barretto, who just moved into her new home this year, gets it holiday-ready.

Just like the rest of us during this time of the year, the actress when on a shopping trip to purchase her Christmas décor, ornaments and Christmas tree.  What makes it more special is this Christmas tree happens to be Julia’s first ever.

“I grew up waking up with the tree ready,” Julia explains, narrating that it was her mom, Marjorie, who usually put up the tree and decorated it in the past years.

All of 22-years old, Julia is now ready to experience this “adulting” holiday rite of passage.  Like many first-time homeowners, Julia was confronted with many questions as she prepares for her first Christmas in her very own home. “What is the process of decorating a Christmas tree?  What theme is good to go with?  What are the things one should remember when decorating for the season?” are concerns that she tackled while preparing her home for the holidays.


Mama Knows Best

To help her out, she called her mom, Marjorie Barretto, for some advice.  Here are Marjorie’s tips on Christmas tree and Christmas décor shopping, proving that mama knows best:

“It’s gotta be good for five years.”

“It has to be LED, not mainit na lights.”

On the house burning because of Chritmast lights, “No, listen. They have lights that are battery-operated.  You that [you don’t have to plug].”

“Because it’s expensive, you better make sure that your mood doesn’t change next year.  So if you like pink now, and next year, you’re not in a pink-y mood, you’re just going to throw away all that money.”

“Get something classic.  It took me years to build my décor.”

A Pink Tree and a Flamingo

 “It’s my first Christmas tree, and I feel like it’s the tree I’ll be using for, like, so many years,” Julia says while considering the multiple options of décor and theme.

While shopping for the tree and Christmas décor in the Rustan’s Christmas Shop holiday pop-up in Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Julia sees so many theme options and price points.  In the end, she settled for a tree that was “not too skinny.”  Celebrity though she may be, she looked at the prices attached with all the enchanting Christmas décor. “The worst part is finding out the price.  Ngitin nalang.  Kunwari hindi ka kinakabahan sa price.”  When she identified the tree that she liked, she says, “It’s just more mahal.  Choose your battles.”

In the end, Julia chose a pink motif, highlighted with pink flamingoes and a pink Santa that goes below the tree.  “It’s not every Christmas that you see a flamingo on the tree,” Julia says.  She shares that in the beginning of her exciting journey towards arriving at her first Christmas tree, she envisioned a very classic tree with the more expected traditional red décor.  Thinking about her youngest sister, Erich, who loves pink, she went with this more youthful tree motif of pink, blush and old rose.  “I’ll just pray that I’m in a pink mood next year… If not, I’ll just work very hard so I can spend for another set of decorations,” Julia says.  She trails off, speaking of her life goals for the next five years, “Five years from now, girl, I’ll be married by that time.  Serious, I want to be married by, like, 25, 26,” Julia, the new home owner, first-time Christmas tree decorator, and gifted young actress says.

Watch Julia Barretto’s quest for the perfect Christmas tree and décor here:

Get her look from Rustan’s Christmas Shop.  With a dozen Christmas anchor collections this year, the Rustan’s Christmas Shop continues its tradition of helping Filipinos achieve a home that is especially decorated for the holiday season.  Here’s a gallery of Christmas décor from the Rustan’s Christmas shop: