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Globally-Renowned Furniture Designer, Vito Selma, Gives Insights On Furniture Design

It’s time to get creative with new materials and processes!

Most areas in the country have already been placed under general community quarantine (GCQ), but it’s still important to stay at home and limit our outside activities to keep ourselves safe from coronavirus.  

Doing so doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though. After all, there are many ways we can discover our potential, get a new hobby, and boost our creativity. Speaking of such, how does exploring material innovation sound? Below, we share with you some tips we learned from globally-renowned furniture designer Vito Selma in his recently-concluded virtual talk for De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB)’s Guild of Rising Interior Designers (GRID).

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1.  You don’t have to follow design rules strictly

“You should inject a bit of fun and color into your work,” Selma—who is known for his unique take on geometrical designs—said.

2.  Inspiration is everywhere.

“It’s everywhere around you, that’s why I think it’s important you are in the right environment, that you are in a place that inspires you because a designer gets creative block,” he shared. How does he deal with such? He enjoys taking a fifteen-minute walk outside and seeing the beauty of nature.

3.  Choose a material and commit to it.

Creating material is all about experimenting with various processes. “Even though if we say wood, everything’s been done with wood. There’s carving but there are new ways of carving. You can even carve wood using chemicals and those chemicals give it a new texture,” he explained. This is what it’s like in his studio as he enjoys pushing limits of it all. “Just don’t give up. The best thing with design and making new material is that it’s a fun process.”

4.    Stay curious.

In the creative industry, it’s essential to consider learning as a lifelong process. “Until now, I spend time on YouTube, there are so many videos out there, so many blogs talking about new material and developments,” he said.

5.   Be confident in the work that you do.

“How are you going to convince people that your table is nice if you don’t believe it’s nice,” he continued. “Believe in your passion, believe in your hard work, and that will show.”