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Heart Evangelista Is Uratex Premium’s Sleep Advocate

Uratex Premium has introduced the artist as its first brand endorser

Whenever the thought of living a healthier lifestyle comes to mind, the first thing that most people consider is going on a diet or finding an exercise routine. What they don’t know is that there’s also equally important factor that should be considered: superior quality of our sleep. 

Uratex, the leading sleep specialist in the country, has always been committed to offering excellent quality of sleep to its clientele through its top-of-the-line collections of mattresses and foams.  With its more than 50 years of experience in developing and catering exquisite sleep products, Uratex has proven itself to be a proud Filipino brand with globally competitive lines of sleeping foams designed to provide healthy, topnotch sleep to its consumers.


The brand’s high-end segment, Uratex Premium, levels up the brand’s commitment with its luxurious collections specially manufactured for the most discerning. Uratex Premium also upgrades its strategies in educating the Filipinos about the importance of a good night’s sleep. Uratex Premium has just officially launched its special collaboration with actress, entrepreneur, creative director and global fashionista Heart Evangelista.


At an intimate media dinner in Manila House in BGC, Uratex Premium introduced its first ever brand endorser through a formal contract signing. The Uratex Premium’s new sleep advocate was welcomed by the Uratex family including Naty Cheng, CEO and Chairwoman; Peachy Medina, Managing Director; Pinky Rosagas, Finance Director; and Cherry Wong-Tan, Marketing Director. 

“I’ve been a fan of Uratex, and my admiration for the brand started when I was building our house.  This partnership just makes sense. I love representing brands that I personally love so it’s authentic and natural for me to be part of the Uratex family. It is really a blessing for me to be part of a brand that I can really be proud of,” Heart Evangelista shared with the event’s guests. 


Putting Heart in Your Sleep

A painter, vlogger, actress, entrepreneur, international fashion star and a senator’s wife, you would wonder how Heart Evangelista does it all. You can see how much passion she puts in everything she does—and one of her secrets in doing and having it all is valuing her good night’s sleep. 

“Love Marie is a well-rounded person. She is successful in her career, and pursues her other passions too like fashion, her pets, her philanthropy. And you can see that she does it with such grace, class and creativity. And that shows that she is the embodiment of someone who puts premium value in the quality of her sleep,” Cherry Wong-Tan, Marketing Director, said. 

Wong-Tan added that Uratex Premium is all about providing luxurious, healthy, and superior sleep through its stylish, innovative, and technology-rich products to match the comfort that its customers crave. She further explained that just like Uratex Premium, Heart exudes beauty, style, grace and global standards. “She has seen it all—from beautiful clothes and jewelry to the finest of art and luxurious spaces—and she simply adores the collections by Uratex Premium,” Wong said. 

Tan also said that just like Heart, Uratex Premium is a Filipino brand that is globally competitive. “Both are hardworking and are constantly improving to be the best at what they do. We are so delighted that just like Uratex, she also advocates in educating the Filipinos about the importance of investing in one of the most important aspects of our lives—sleep. She is Uratex Premium’s perfect sleep advocate because people from all sectors listen to her when she talks.” Heart also expressed that Uratex is a home-grown, familial brand for her, as her parents had also made Uratex their mattress of choice for years.


Luxury Sleep Expert

Uratex Premium caters to a more discerning market that are looking for unprecedented levels in aesthetics, pressure relief, hypoallergenic quality, hygiene, back support, and cooling.

Tan noted that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and that sleep has a great impact in our overall functions in life. She believes Filipinos should really invest in excellent sleep products that cater to one’s needs and preferences. 

Tan noted that Uratex championed in providing its customers sleep products based on their individual needs.

In its more than 50 years of operations, Uratex takes pride in offering sleep products made of materials, innovations and technologies that are at par with global standards. The brand has been proudly exporting its lines of mattresses and foams for years to local and  international markets.  

Wong-Tan noted that Uratex’s success and business longevity is all because of the good values instilled by its founder and CEO Naty Cheng in its operations. 

“Her same humility, hard work and commitment to exquisite quality more than 50 years ago are still the same values we have today as a company. We all work with each other with utmost trust and loyalty,” Wong-Tan said. 

More than anything, Uratex has stayed true to its commitment to its mission of improving the lives of the Filipinos by continuously innovating sleep technologies  and offering sleep products for superior, healthy sleep of its consumers. Indeed, Uratex is a Filipino brand that you can really be proud of to share with the world.