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Heart Evangelista Advocates the Importance of Sleep in Overall Health

As the actress continues her role as the Uratex brand ambassadress, she endorses good sleep to achieve quality rest and well-being

As the country’s International Fashion Style Icon, Heart gives great value to sleep and rest as one of the most essential things in life. For her, a quality sleep can be rewarding enough to foster success, great health, and happiness.

Sleeping for the prescribed amount of time is necessary, but having good sleep products like Uratex’s mattresses and pillows can make a huge difference in energizing you for the next day. “I am a fan of anything in life that gives you comfort, that will give you good health and Uratex Mattresses does just that. I do treasure my sleep and I make sure that I do invest in top quality mattresses so I can get the best rest that I need and be more productive in life,” Heart shared.

As Uratex’s Ambassadress, Heart Evangelista joins the brand in sharing the value of having a good night’s sleep for its #LoveMyGisingWithUratex campaign.

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According to Milieu Insight and Intellect’s research on sleeping, many Filipino adults who are currently employed admitted to experiencing poor quality of life due to a variety of stressors. This has resulted to most of them having difficulty finding good sleep.

Quality sleep, as reported by a study from The National Academies, is important because the lack of rest can lead to serious health problems, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and weaker immune function.

“Major restorative functions in the body such as tissue repair, muscle growth, and protein synthesis occur almost exclusively during sleep,” the Harvard Medical School also noted in another study.

Uratex and Heart Evangelista hope to become a bridge for the Filipinos in reinforcing that good, healthy sleep can come a long way.

With this, Uratex has lined up a variety of mattresses that are fit for the specific needs of everyone.

For a refreshing and cool sleep, Airlite gets the job done with its breathable fabric and sleep cool technology, and Trill is a mattress in a box that can help you experience comfort and undisturbed sleep. For those with back problems, Uratex’s Orthocare creates great support for your body during long sleep.

Heart Evangelista sits on a bed with the Uratex Orthocare mattress. | Courtesy of Uratex

The Senso Memory Frost on the other hand is perfect for those looking for something cool and comfortable. Thanks to its DuoFrost technology, SensoFrost is Uratex’s coolest memory foam mattress to date.

Heart greets a new day fresh from sleep on a Uratex Senso Memory mattress. | Courtesy of Uratex

And finally, the Premium Touch is the go-to mattress if you’re eyeing for a five-star hotel staycation sleep experience at home.

Heart Evangelista perched on a Uratex Premium Touch Mattress | Courtesy of Uratex
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Uratex’s array of mattresses, among its other quality products for sleeping, made the brand consistently recognized as a Trusted Brand for Mattress category at the Reader’s Digest Awards. This recognition was consistently given to Uratex for 13 years, including the Awards’ 2022 edition.

“I know they say 8 hours (is what we need) but 8 hours on the plane, 8 hours on the car is different from the 8 hours on the bed. I do need a mattress that will take care of my spine and posture. Uratex offers a few different things like a cooling bed mattress and one with memory foam. Everything is just tailor-fit to your lifestyle,”  Heart Evangelista shared on the comfort of Uratex’s mattresses.

“Uratex is truly honored to have Heart Evangelista in promoting the importance of a good night’s sleep for all. Our long relationship with Heart has truly made a mark in ensuring Filipinos get the best possible sleep they need, and with our current collaboration through the #LoveMyGisingWithUratex, we’re hoping to elevate the sleeping experience of more,” said Mr. Christian Cheng, Brand Marketing Executive of Uratex Philippines.

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