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Here Are 3 Simple, Useful Tips on Styling A Compact Space

Turn a small home into a roomy space with these insider tips from Metro Home TV.

Not everyone owns a spacious home—but every space can be comfortable and roomy in their own right. It’s all a matter of choosing the right furniture pieces for your home and maximizing your area. Styling a compact space can be a good challenge in the challenge for city dwellers, whose preferred types of accommodation are apartments and condominiums. The good news is it’s easily workable!

Metro Channel’s Metro Home TV provides a simple solution for this modern-day dilemma. As host Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez says in a video on useful tips on styling a compact space, the magic lies in careful consideration of which pieces would fit. 

“It’s very important to choose furniture pieces that will establish each space in your home,” she declares. If you’re struggling to create a more expansive-looking home, take these three insider tips for urban nesting to heart.

1. Start with the basics and focus on key furniture, and from there, add decorative pieces to complement your chosen style.

2. Play around with different materials and textures.

3. Be creative with existing structural architecture and see how it fits your current plan.

Now that you know the technique that works, check out some style inspiration in this video to help you style your compact space better.