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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Buying And Lighting Luxury Candles

From choosing the right candles to buy, to burning and snuffing out your candles safely

Candles are now the new home therapy trend, since many of us can’t go to spas or hotels for some well-deserved relaxation.

For centuries, candles have been used in rituals and ceremonies to create a peaceful or meditative ambiance. And more recently, more than just blocks of wax that we turn to during power interruptions or our annual trips to the cemetery, candles have evolved to become aromatherapy tools to get us into a more romantic, relaxed, or calming mood.

Whether you’re a first-time candle burner, a long-time candle lover, or an aspiring chandler (a person who makes or sells candles), you’ll learn a lot from this luxury candle-buying and lighting guide that we put together just for you.

Why light a candle?

There are actually many benefits of burning candles in your home. First is setting the atmosphere and ambiance. Just like how candles before were used in ceremonies and rituals, lighting candles at home instantly transforms your space into a peaceful and intimate space.

  It’s a great tool to help you establish a morning or nightly ritual, where you light a candle to establish the ambiance that you want for the day’s activity. You can light a candle during breakfast, while you sip your coffee and read a book, or when you want a more meditative yoga practice, or if you want to unwind as you do your nightly skincare routine.

Candles have also been linked to improving your mood and increasing your focus. They are perfect for aromatherapy, since different scents can actually stimulate your mind or help you remember positive moments in your life. According to Apartment Therapy, scents like cinnamon, mint, lemon, or orange can help manage your stress and improve productivity. Psychology Today also writes that there are many behavioral studies that showcase the power of scent, where smells can trigger vivid emotional memories that can lift instantly lift your mood.

Sleep is also very important for our body, and the quality of our sleep is just as crucial as the quantity of sleep. To help you achieve a better quality of sleep, you can light candles to set the mood for a more restful night, staying away from blue light as best as possible before going to bed.  

Choosing the right candle for you

Different people, of course, have different wants and preferences—and it’s the same thing when you’re buying a candle for your home.

Scented or decorative?

One of the very first things that you want to decide is what you’re using the candle for. Do you want a scented candle to help you create a certain ambiance? Or do you just want a decorative candle for mood lighting? In case of decorative candles, you want to look for a candle with a beautiful casing that goes well with your décor. If you’re looking for scented candles, you want to look for candles that emit the right amount of scent, because not all scented candles are created equal.


Another thing to consider is the wax used to make your candle. For the longest time, paraffin wax has been used to create candles and paraffin is made from petroleum that’s a by-product of making gasoline. Paraffin wax candles have become less popular because they emit black soot (which can discolor light surfaces) and emit potentially harmful or irritating fumes.  

In response, most chandlers now use natural wax like beeswax, palm wax, or soy wax. These are naturally derived materials that come from rapidly renewable resources, and don’t pose health risks.


The wicks are also important because the kind of wick determines the kind of burn that you’ll have. Synthetic wicks release toxic chemicals just like paraffin wax, and can cause an uneven burn on your candle. For better results, look for pure cotton wicks or wooden wicks.

For a comparison, cotton wicks are easier to light and maintain. When relighting a cotton wick, you just have to trim the wick and it’ll light up in seconds. A wooden wick may take up to 20 seconds to catch fire, so you can’t use a regular match stick. However, wooden wicks usually have a better scent throw since it burns slower.


Different people prefer different kinds of scents, and usually, you’ll find one that suits your taste if you try different ones. There’s no one scent to rule them all, so to speak.

However, it’s important to note what the chandler used to infuse fragrance into your candle. When shopping for sustainable and eco-friendly candles, you’ll want to look for candles that use essential oils derived from pure plant sources, instead of those that use artificial fragrance. For the best kind, look for candles that use cold-pressed essential oils because these are derived without heat application so the aromatic properties and healing benefits of the plant are preserved in the oil.

Candle shopping guide

Check out the gallery below for our favorite under-the-radar candles to give you an idea of what are the best candles out there for your home therapy needs.

THE HAPPY HOME: Let The Power Of Scent Bring Back Memories


THE HAPPY HOME: Let The Power Of Scent Bring Back Memories

Candle Accessories Guide

Your candle burning experience is not complete without the right tools and burning techniques to help you. Make your candle journey much more special with these candle accessories and burning tips.

Before and after lighting

Before lighting your candle, make sure to trim the wick to about a quarter of an inch so that the candle won’t emit too much smoke. When turning it off, you also don’t want to just blow it out because that produces a lot of soot and smoke, and you risk blowing out droplets of hot wax in the surrounding area.

To light and snuff out your candles correctly, you’ll want this Candle Essentials Set from Amber Lights Laguna, which comes with a wick dipper, wick trimmer, and a candle snuffer. Use the wick trimmer to trim before lighting, and the dipper or snuffer to extinguish the flame without blowing it out.

Light safely

Sometimes, a short matchstick just won’t do the job when you’re trying to light a candle. Especially when you’re lighting a wooden wick candle, which takes a couple of seconds to burn, you want a longer matchstick so you won’t get burned. For a more opulent match option, check out this Brass matchstick box from Paperbound, which has 40 pieces of 200-mm long matchsticks encased in an auspicious brass box.

Burn without fire

Even though scented candles tend to be small, an open flame still poses a risk for fire. Especially when you have young kids at home, you don’t want an open flame that they can easily knock over.

To eliminate this risk, Lit Lifestyle introduced the concept of candle warmers, which lets you release the scent of the candle without having to burn the wick. The heat emanates from a light bulb, which then melts the wax and creates a cleaner and stronger fragrance—minus the fire hazard.

Lit Lifestyle’s Colt Candle Warmer V2.0 does the job ever so excellently since it also comes with an auto-shutdown timer feature so you can finally light a candle and just leave it on while you doze off to sleep. It’s definitely the ultimate carefree candle experience!