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Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams

You can design, customize, and assemble your kitchen with IKEA products

In my work as an architect, the kitchen is the space that gets a lot of attention. It’s such an important space that needs to be designed well because of the different functions it supports. So it was a pleasant surprise when I ventured deep into the IKEA store to come across an entire wing of modular kitchens. 


The beauty of the IKEA kitchen is that you can design and install them yourself, the same way you slowly built an entire wall of KALLAX shelves, you can also customize your kitchen whether in the store or online, with the help of an IKEA planning expert. 


What’s good about the IKEA kitchen is that, unlike some modular or custom systems that can be quite pricey, the IKEA kitchens are priced just like the wardrobes and shelves to fill your house with, so the range is quite reasonable. 

Plus, IKEA offers quality for its kitchen solutions with a 25-year guarantee on the METOD kitchens that cover defects in the material and workmanship. Aside from that, there’s a 10-year guarantee for the ENHET kitchen system, while IKEA appliances have a 5-year guarantee. These guarantees extend longer than some modular kitchens and even your contractor!

Here are some tips for building your dream kitchen with the help of IKEA.

1. Decide on a theme

What kind of look do you want for your kitchen? You should match this with your living room and dining room interiors, or you can create a space that complements the rest of the house but can still stand on its own. Get some ideas from Pinterest, but an even better way to go about it is to check some of the use cases of the different modules of the METOD kitchens. 


By browsing through what other consumers have done in their own homes, you’ll get a better idea of the potential of some of the pieces. You’ll also figure out the mood or motif you prefer, which would help in the final selection of the cabinetry.


2. Get your measurements

Using your laser meter or straight rule, get the full dimensions of the space you’re allotting for your dream kitchen. Get the length, width, and height (super important!) so you’ll know the space you can play with. This information is so useful especially when you’ll be asking for help from a design specialist. Also get the sizes of the kitchen equipment you want, like your preferred cooktop or range hood, or a built-in oven or microwave.

3. Plan out your kitchen

After getting inspired and getting the complete dimensions of the space, you can now start designing the kitchen. It’s important to imagine the workflow between three key areas: storage (like your ref or pantry), the sink, and the cooktop. The rest can be your prep area or storage area, but these three are most important to consider and can influence the configuration of your kitchen. 


Check for opportunities also, such as a window, or a possible area for a breakfast nook: decisions that can be made during the planning process. 

4. Order your kitchen

And then, once you have your design and configuration, you can order the exact pieces you’ll need to build the kitchen. IKEA’s kitchen experts will look at your plan and offer suggestions on the best use of the products. Once everything is in place, they can help you itemize your order. 

5. Build your kitchen

And yes, you can build your kitchen with the help of some tools. There is also an option to get some assistance with IKEA builders, the same way you get help when installing the pieces you bought. By itself, this process can be quite fun, especially if you do it with your loved ones.

Check out the METOD Kitchens which have a guarantee of 25 years! IKEA Family members also get a 10% rebate through IKEA Gift Cards for a minimum purchase of P150,000 on METOD kitchens in-store from May 1 to June 2, 2024. With this IKEA Gift Card, customers can get more solutions to complete their kitchen or other areas in the home. 

There’s also a 0% installment payment plans up to 6 months available for a minimum purchase of P20,000 for BDO, BPI, HSBC, and Metrobank credit card holders. 

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