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This Kitschy Dollhouse by Jellyfish Kisses Is A ‘Warm Embrace’ For People Seeking A Safe Space

The artist welcomed fair visitors to her personal space.

The new era brought a lot of advances to our lives—from innovative technology that made our day to day more convenient to growing a global mindset that led us to a broader and liberal lifestyle. But with the strengths come the challenges, gnawing away the comforts of tradition for not-so-gradual change. The world is fast-paced, and keeping up with sprints is no longer an option. We’re running a race.

But this doesn’t mean that a break from all the haste is unavoidable. While it’s easy to get lost in a scramble of hurry, there are people like Anton Belardo, or Jellyfish Kisses as most people would recognize him as, who put in time to let exhausted souls in, listen, and offer solace even for just a few minutes. 

In her recent showcase in ALT Philippines 2020, her installation called Your Warm Embrace (The Jellyfish Kisses Panic Room) served as a ‘safe space’ for visitors of the fair. The artist assembled her office—her homebase littered with odd and mystical doll plushies and bathed in pops of colors, with a display of her personal artwork and a monitor with a video of herself on loop. In what seemed like a messy spot in the middle of the exhibition is actually a room for free expression.

Jellyfish described it as a, “brief unburdening session,” where the 33-year-old sat face-to-face with people who dropped by to air whatever it is they’re heavily carrying on their shoulders. Comfortable in a space of composed chaos, the artist created a chamber of calm, collection, and rest. And as needed, each session ended with, “commiserative silence, offered advice, or prescribed snacks as the artist sees fit.”

It’s not everyday that we get this kind of space, but the world is too loud most times that an escape route is helpful. Jellyfish herself acknowledges this, thus, putting up Your Warm Embrace served as a reminder that a breather should be in order no matter your pace. 

Inspired by her showcase? Bring the dollhouse to your room and design your own safe space at home through your own creativity! 

Assign an ample area for yourself (a corner of your bedroom or a favorite part of your home will do) and set it up the way you want to—without judgment. Do it like Jellyfish and fill it with your favorite stuffed toys or sew them yourself, stick works of art or mementos on the walls that make you feel reassured, and place more things that bring out who you are. And whenever you feel like to, let this capsule be your cave when the going gets tough—have a peaceful conversation with yourself, write in your journal, or paint your worries away here. 

Or invite a loved one over and share this personal space with them. An escape, after all, is better with someone by your side.