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SHOP: 8 Stand-out Ideas for Bachelorette Living From Our Favorite K-Dramas

One of the silver linings of being cooped up at home these days for quarantine is having time to watch the best K-Dramas available and getting some ideas to spruce up our home

Admit it. Apart from the well-written characters, intriguing plot twists or perhaps the heart-fluttering romance, the interior design and set styling are part of the reasons K-Dramas appeal to you.

When your love of K-Drama and desire for a home makeover meet, it’s certainly a winning moment as you appreciate the overall aesthetic, observe the details and wonder if those home furniture or design would also enhance the appeal of your own abode.

For single ladies, this is especially satisfying as you only have your personal taste and K-Drama inspirations to think of and consider. Sprucing up your bachelorette apartment or home can do wonders for your mental health and elevate your mood. Decorating, renovating and upgrading are all part and parcel of this home adventure experience.

Thankfully, there a number of K-Dramas to suit your style be it bright and sunny, a bit dim and moody, classy and elegant interior—anything that matches your personality well.

Metro.Style lists some K-Dramas where you can draw inspiration from for your ideal bachelorette living.

Yumi’s Cells

Kim Yumi’s (Kim Go-eun) independent living is inspiring and so is her apartment which reflects her colorful personality. When we were introduced to Yumi and who she is, one of the first things we saw on the drama is her messy but charming apartment. Among the eye-catching details on her apartment are the light brown bedroom storage headboard which also serves as a shelf for her personal items., Yumi’s archaistic rose gold copper faucet in the kitchen and a surprising choice of rattan accent chair in her living room.

Shop her look:

Headboard With Storage

  • Headboard With Storage

Rose Gold Copper Faucet

  • Rose Gold Copper Faucet

Rattan Papasan Chair

  • Rattan Papasan Chair

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

When Yoon Hye-jin (Shin Min-ah) moved to Gongjin and decided that the apartment she’s about to lease is not up to her standards, she decided to renovate it with Chief Hong Dusik. The result is a modern, urban-style apartment that’s tastefully practical and compact yet comfortable to come home to. Take note of Hyejin’s sliding French doors that separate her bedroom from the receiving area and the aesthetically-pleasing minimalist desk in her bright and airy living room.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha | Netflix

Shop her look:

Sliding Doors

  • Sliding Doors

Nordic Desk

  • Nordic Desk


Art student Yu Na-bi (Han So-hee) lives up to her interests and college degree as she tastefully designed her space with wooden accents and unique art pieces to liven up her room and match her style. She was also able to maximize her studio apartment with her elevated bed space and storage ideas. Park Jae-eon’s butterfly ornament décor was also a great addition to her room.

Nevertheless | Netflix

Get Yu Na-bin's look with these:

Bed With Storage

  • Bed With Storage

Butterfly Wind Chimes

  • Butterfly Wind Chimes

Decorative Abstract Wall Art

  • Decorative Abstract Wall Art
Best Ideas For Bachelor Living From Our Favorite K-Dramas


Best Ideas For Bachelor Living From Our Favorite K-Dramas

Dali and Cocky Prince

Kim Da-Li (Park Gyu-young) is elegant, gentle and a classic beauty. Though we were earlier introduced to a home owned by Ms. Prinsen where Da-li stays, the aesthetics in the grand, palatial house reflects her demeanor and personality. Among the items that caught our eyes are the Butterfly frames in the living room, the unique bedside lamp and even the patterned minimalist pillowcases. On the practical side, we also noticed the kitchen jars which made the kitchen highly organized and the robot vacuum that not only cleans the house but might also land you (literally) the man of your dreams. If you’re feeling generous to yourself, you can also have your very own Darli’s Swing which our female lead had fond memories of in her childhood home. 

Dali and Cocky Prince | JTBC

Get the look:

Decorative Butterfly Wall Art

  • Decorative Butterfly Wall Art

Tripod Vertical Lamp

  • Tripod Vertical Lamp

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Record of Youth

Makeup artist Ahn Jeong-ha (Park So-dam) is young, warm and a dreamer and fangirl at heart. She is one of the most relatable K-Drama characters we can encounter as she feels like someone you know even when it comes to her design aesthetics in her apartment. She lives alone but she made sure to make it feel warm, cozy and homey. She thoughtfully adorned her home with a hanging plant ornament and a pendant light fixture above the dining table. The wooden wall floating shelves also maximized her small space in a creative way.

Record of Youth | Netflix

Shop the look:

Pendant Light Fixtures

  • Pendant Light Fixtures

Wooden Wall Floating Shelves

  • Wooden Wall Floating Shelves

Indoor Plant Hanging Planter Basket

  • Indoor Plant Hanging Planter Basket

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Bestselling children’s book author Go Moon Young’s (Seo Yea-ji) taste is absolutely not your regular cutesy and pastel-colored design aesthetic. Her dark and moody vibe is reflected in her vintage, castle-like home. Most of the items in her house is elegant with an old-world vibe reminiscent of the Victorian era. If you have a taste for luxury, elegance and the upscale, consider Go Moon Young’s choices of European seats, vintage desk and chair and chandelier choices.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay | Netflix

Shop the look here:

European-Style Living Room Sofa

  • European-Style Living Room Sofa

Mosaic Turkish Lamp

  • Mosaic Turkish Lamp

Crash Landing On You

Not to be outdone is modern and empowered female CEO Yoon Se-ri’s (Son Ye-jin) apartment. Her brave and bold choices of vibrant colors for the elongated couch, eclectic designs like the honeycomb shelves and contemporary patterns in her home furniture reflect her overall confidence and daring personality. She’s also a classy plantita.  It can be argued that her fast-paced life has made turned her onto the nordic living philosophy du jour called friluftsliv.   Simply put, this lifestyle is a means to boost mental wellness by incorporating elements of the outdoors in one's interior space. Her home is almost an unapologetic testament to her wealth and decisive outlook in life.

Crash Landing On You | Netflix

Get her look:

Elongated Contemporary Sofa

  • Elongated Contemporary Sofa

Decorative Pendant Light Fixtures

  • Decorative Pendant Light Fixtures

Geometric Shelves

  • Geometric Shelves
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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Corporate and formal in the office but warm and easygoing at home—Secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young) is every working-class person’s relatable K-Drama character. At times, professionalism calls for us to be stiff and business-like but thankfully, home is where our personalities shine. Secretary Kim’s apartment is simple but feminine and lovely as evident in her choice of bedroom prints. It is warm and comfortable and adorned with practical and inexpensive items as well as minimalist, Nordic furniture too. 

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim | Netflix

Shop her look:

Patterned Floral Bedsheets

  • Patterned Floral Bedsheets

Nordic Study Desk

  • Nordic Study Desk

Minimalist Pink Throw Pillow

  • Minimalist Pink Throw Pillow

Geometric Rug

  • Geometric Rug

Start your home adventure by watching these K-Dramas and picking out the home pieces that appeal to your ideal bachelorette lifestyle. There’s always one special aesthetic for every K-drama-inspired lady out there.