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Here’s The Secret To Not Breaking The Bank And Keeping Pets Healthy

Owning a pet is an investment… make sure you are supported by the right partner for their needs

So you’ve fallen in love with that little furball, its adorable gaze that makes you feel like your heart has opened up from its sweetness, its cute paws and the potential for countless cuddles with it. 

But before you commit to having this furbaby in your life, consider that it is alive and has real needs.  In the Philippines, here’s a quick rundown of costs for pet owners:  

Food- This can cost anywhere from a range of PhP 400 to PhP 2,000 per bag, depending on your pet’s needs, appetite and preference.

Annual vaccinations and vet visits-  On average, the annual vet visit for the first year costs about PhP 3,000.  As of this writing, the 5-in-1 shot for dogs cost PhP 550, while the 4-in-1 costs PhP 1,000.00.

Essentials such as pee-pee pads will cost PhP 320 for 20 pieces, and kitty litter can cost upwards of PhP 160 per bag.

Grooming- Can cost up to PhP 700 and up pesos per session.  This is typically done once a month, or more, depending on your pet's coat and the maintenance it requires.

All told, owning a dog in the Philippines roughly costs PhP12,000 to PhP50,000 in a year.  This means providing the right essentials like food, regular check-ups with your vet, grooming, but also preparing for contingencies.  The time you invest in taking care of a pet is virtually priceless, so is the emotional attachment developed with your cuddly one.  

Oral Care Is Key To Your Furbaby’s Health


Oral Care Is Key To Your Furbaby’s Health

But whether you’re an experienced pet parent or a newly christened one, taking care of another living being can take a big chunk out of your finances. As a responsible pet owner, you need to plan ahead for what your fur baby might need because the commitment to look after them is long term.

But fret not—in a time where one can avail of services with just a tap or a click, you can also keep your pet (and your finances) ready for whatever happens so you have one less thing to worry about.

Planning Ahead With Life By Petto

Founded by pet parents with a similar dilemma, Life By Petto is the first app-based, pet health plan service that provides affordable subscriptions to support health and wellness services from partner veterinarians, clinics, and hospitals within Metro Manila.

Life by Petto aims to provide preventive and quality care for your pets, especially since there is a gap in the local market for pet health and wellness services—despite the massive increase in pet owners in recent years.

Covering The Basics

For only P1,200 a month, you can get Life by Petto’s basic health plan that covers your pet’s primary health and wellness needs including diagnostics, vaccines, common illnesses, and accidents—services that most pets and their owners would greatly benefit from. Want more customized coverage? My Petto Plan Add-ons also let owners top-up their basic plan to cover additional services including minor to major surgeries like dental or spay/neuter services, cancer treatment, hospitalization, and other non-common illnesses.

Life by Petto accepts cats and dogs from three months onwards, no matter the breed (yes, aspins and puspins included!), and as long as they’re in good health upon registration.

Through the app, you can customize the plan you want for your fur-babies (and yes you can get multi-pet plans!), manage your balance, check available vet clinics, and file claims whenever and wherever you are.

Visit for more details and how to avail or download the app now via App Store and Google Play.

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