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Look: 10 Simple, Minimal Ways To Refresh Your Home

Get ready for a month of staying home. You can achieve these in a weekend

Residents of Metro Manila are on a community quarantine because of COVID-19.  At most, this means a month of staying at home (save for some essential errands) to ensure that we are all doing our part to lessen the chances of contamination by the virus.   There is no better time than now to make your home a warm sanctuary, and it need not cost you the world to do so. You can even make this a fun activity with your kids.

Vlogger Rhea Y. from Japan offers inspiring tips on how to maintain a minimal and cozy home. 

Watch her video here for simple ways to refresh your space:

From her vlog, we’ve culled a few easy tips to help you.  Here are some simple ways you can make your home an inspiring, minimalist haven:

1.      Change your sheets.

2.      Change the position of your bed so that you can maximize the natural light coming into the room.

3.      Introduce cozy textures to your pillowscape.

4.      Hang a dream catcher.

5.      Put art on the walls.  Budget Tip: You may opt to use cards or post cards as well.  You may also get resourceful by finding art online, and printing them on your own.  No frames? No problem.  Use green tack or colorful washi tape and stickers to secure them on your walls.

6.      Put a small nightlight or lamp shade next to your bed.

7.      Position a portable humidifier or scent diffuser to help prevent colds, dry skin, sore throat and respiratory issues.  You can even use your favorite aromatherapy scent for this purpose.

8.      Put a calendar in a prominent spot to remind you of the date.

9.      Use a tray to organize all of your personal effects.

10.   Keep all of your tech gear: chargers, wires, phones in a basket or a tray to help make your room look and feel organized.

Look through this gallery of inspiring minimalist spaces for more ideas: