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Look: A Sanitation Tent In Response To COVID-19 By UP Diliman Designers

It can be used by a number of institutions. Tell your local LGU about it.

Following their victory with the COVID-19 test kits, another quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic comes from the University of the Philippines.  This time, a team of industrial designers, chemists and engineers from the UP Diliman Colleges of Fine Arts, Engineering, and Science developed a sanitation tent that can be used in a number of institutions, including hospitals, public markets, offices, MRT and LRT stations, bus stops and grocery stores.


This innovation is in the developing stages.  Defined as a “a crisis response project with an aim of developing an affordable and easy-to-build sanitation tent design which minimizes the risk and transmission of COVID-19,” the announcement for the project came via the SaniTentsPH Facebook page.   It states that the design of the tent is an open source design that can be sent to LGU’s once the product is finalized.  Potential builders of the tent will be able to source all materials through hardware stores, making it a cost-effective solution to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interested parties may visit for details, or email