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This Flower Subscription Service is Your New Self-Care Treat

It’s the best gift from you to you!

If your self-care routine doesn’t include a weekly flower delivery then you’re missing out! Meet The Love Garden, a flower boutique that offers a monthly subscription of floral arrangements. They have been in business for 44 years, crafting florals for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and Dior, as well as partnering as the on-site florist for hotels such as Raffles and Fairmont, and winning awards like the FTD award for Consistent and Meritorious Service. They are unquestionably experts at what they do and now you can get one delivered straight to your home weekly, tailored-made just for you.

The Love Garden store

While discovering the roots of The Love Garden, we met brand owner, Rhiannon Halley, who took over for her mom. Before this business, Rhi was a sobriety coach and astrologer but openly welcomed running the brand because of her own joyful experience with the gift of flowers. “I took over the brand, despite it being a departure from my background in coaching. When I started to experience for myself the delight people felt when walking into the store, the smiles on their faces as they penned personal messages to their loved ones to attach to their bouquets, and I saw that flowers not only brought joy and a smile to peoples' faces but it’s also a beautiful way to show and share love, I wanted to be a part of that.”


She also believes that flowers affect people’s moods significantly and that’s why she thinks flowers aren’t just for special occasions. “I saw my mom bring flowers, beauty and love into everything she did. She made every day of her life more beautiful, and flowers were a big part of that. So I grew up having flowers all over our home, both natural plants and gorgeous, hand-crafted arrangements. I truly believe people are more positive and open to others when there are flowers in the room, and I know that there are studies that show this - so I think it's something important to bring into everyday moments, not just special occasions."


I personally got to experience the express version of the subscription— I got sent flower arrangements for two weeks. They asked for inspiration so they could have a visual guide of what I liked but I did tell them to surprise me with whatever they think is nice. I have to say I never realized how much I liked flowers until I got these beautiful arrangements. I’ve always appreciated and admired flowers but never really saw the value in investing in them, seeing as they have a very limited life span but this experience might’ve just changed my mind.

While I won’t be subscribing all year round anytime soon (I wish I could!), I’d probably do this on my next birth month or a friend’s birth month as a gift or honestly, if I just feel like receiving flowers from me to me, every week that month! But if you do have the capacity to splurge, by all means, add it to your monthly self-care mix. Just the experience of getting a message that my flowers were going to be delivered, picking them up from my building’s delivery table, then seeing what kind of arrangement they’ve crafted for me that week, was such a delightful and dare I say, healing experience. I think it’s worth it even just for the mood boost. Plus, whatever day you decide to have it delivered, it’s always a win. First days of the week? Perfect way to start your week, mid-week? Nice pick-me-up, weekend? Great way to celebrate and reward yourself for surviving the week.


How to order

You can start your subscription journey by DM-ing or calling the landline in their bio then you’ll have to do these 3 easy steps:

1. Choose your subscription package
  • Floral Delights (P1500/week)
  • Floral Dreams (P2500/week)
  • Luxe Florals (P4500/week)

All subscriptions are a 4-week commitment; more flowers and options for bigger arrangements as price increases.

2. Customize your subscription - finishing touches

  • Preferred floral color scheme
  • Choose between vase, hand-wrapped flowers, or designed bouquet

3. Payment

There are several payment options: GCash, Bank Transfer, COD, Subscribe online. You can pay for the full 4-week subscription in one go or pay for them weekly.

Flowers will be delivered from Monday to Saturday. Free Delivery for Makati and BGC, for outside these two there's an additional delivery fee.

The Love Garden has a plethora of choices for you to choose from so Rhi shares these tips for your first order: “I always suggest having an idea of what color and vibe or mood you want your arrangement to set. Then the best experience would be to message or call our florists as they are so knowledgeable about what's available and what recommendations to make to suit your style. My personal favorite kind of arrangement is "Blooms Only" - meaning no leaf fillers, either a lisianthus arrangement, Ecuador roses, or a big vase arrangement of tulips. These are always striking and bring a lot of positive energy into the room.

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