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Love Your Home with Wilcon

As Wilcon helps homeowners love their home even more, here are some essential tips and excellent products to help you with your home loving project.


With the months that you’ve spent at home, surely, you’ve seen something that needs to be done with it. Aside from keeping your families safe and your homes clean, it is also important to have a home that is sufficient for your daily work and activities. Now is the perfect opportunity to improve your space and turn it into a more livable and sustainable home. Revamp your space and create a smart and stylish home with the one-stop-shop home store. As Wilcon helps homeowners love their home even more, here are some essential tips and excellent products to help you with your home loving project.

Upgrade to safer and smarter products

From the sink to the light switch, almost everything in your home is touched by everyone on a daily basis. Smart and touchless products offer better convenience especially when dealing with day-to-day chores and activities. Aside from that, they also provide safety in terms of keeping your hands and other surfaces in your home clean and decrease the spread of unwanted germs and viruses. 

Smart and touchless products are also stylish, functional, and sustainable. Turn your home into a smart space for a safer and more convenient living with Quartex quartz kitchen sink, Kohler touchless toilet, Pozzi lavatory sensor faucet, Sefa sensor urinal flush valve, and Alphalux motion sensor light.

Quartex quartz kitchen sink
Kohler touchless toilet
Pozzi sensor lavatory faucet
Sefa sensor urinal valve
Alphalux motion sensor light

Complete your new hobbies must-haves

If you’re looking for ways to develop your newfound hobbies, having efficient and durable items can certainly be of great help. The past months have definitely been an eye opener in exploring new things to do at home. While some continued to improve their present hobbies, others went out of their comfort zone and for sure tried either cooking or gardening. Whatever it is, having hobbies will positively reflect the way you see your home. Complete your essentials for cooking and baking from Hamden and your gardening tools from Truper.

Hamden gas hob and oven
Truper soil shovel

Keep your space conducive for home-based working and learning

As home-based learning and working become necessary during these times, productivity and efficiency should still be a priority. So, it is the perfect opportunity to improve our space and create an area where we can work effectively everyday. The first thing to keep in mind is to maintain a bright and lively workspace to keep you awake and productive throughout the day. You should also work in a well-organized place where you can perform comfortably.


You can get desk lamps, recessed lights, pendant lamps, and other kinds of lighting from Alphalux. Tables, chairs, cabinets, organizers, drawers, and other home-based learning and working essentials are also available from Heim and Heritage.

Home improvement and renovation is made easy. Start to love your home with Wilcon Depot. Whether your home renovation task is small or big, Wilcon has everything you need—from smart and touchless products, school- or work-from-home setup items, cooking, baking, and gardening tools for your new-found hobbies, and other home essential products. 

You can also shop all your holiday needs ranging from Christmas trees, lights, Santa Claus, angel and reindeer figurines, wall decors, and other ornaments for a warm and inviting holidays at home.


Visit any Wilcon Depot and Wilcon Home Essentials store near you with its 61 stores nationwide. Enjoy a safe and convenient shopping experience and grab all your home essentials as Wilcon continuously implements necessary precautionary measures in every store to prioritize the health and safety of everyone.

Wilcon Depot introduces a hassle-free shopping option with its Browse, Call, and Collect/Deliver feature. This new shopping option allows you to shop for your home improvement and building needs through browsing online on Wilcon website or online shop to find the products they want to purchase. Customers can call/text/Viber to place their orders, and collect their purchases in-store or have it delivered at their doorstep.

Wilcon also provides contactless payment options to its customers. Wilcon offers different online payment channels like bank transfers, GCash, PayMaya, Instapay, PesoNet, WeChat, and Alipay for customers’ convenience.

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