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Bathroom Haven: Luxury Bathtubs and Shower Enclosures

Update your style and add value to your home with these picks from Wilcon Depot 0Courtesy of Wilcon Depot

Bathroom renovation isn’t complete without a new bathtub and shower enclosure. You can update your style and add value to your home with various bathroom pieces that are ideally suited for your space. When you want to reward yourself with a luxurious and spa-like bathroom experience, improve the functionality and comfort of your room. It’s time to upgrade your bathing and showering routine and shop for the perfect bathtubs and shower enclosures from Wilcon Depot.

 Choose the right bathtub to fit your style and needs

Instantly transform your bathroom space into a more comfortable space by adding an exceptional bathtub. You can choose from clawfoot, drop-in, free-standing, corner, and whirlpool bathtubs that are ergonomically designed to bring you delight and relaxation in taking a bath.

Freestanding bathtub

A freestanding tub is designed as a stand-alone fixture like clawfoot but with a solid base, making it easier to move from one place to another side of your bathroom. It can provide a deep soaking experience with its sleek and elegant modern design. Its clean, simple lines and graceful rounded curves add a great deal of style to your bathroom. It's made from an acrylic material that ensures durability and easy maintenance.


Corner bathtub

Corner bathtubs constitute an ideal solution for small bathrooms for it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be placed along the walls. This type of bathtub is a great way to maximize your bathroom space and add some modern refinement. Corner tubs are compact, space-efficient, and highly functional, with exemplary features that can provide a blissful relaxation bathing experience.


Clawfoot bathtub

Clawfoot bathtubs can give your space a subtle antique style and luxurious feeling. This type of bathtub has greater mobility and is easy to position, for it has its own set of legs. With classic-looking features and smooth oval edges, it can absolutely complement any bathroom design. Find a clawfoot bathtub made from cast iron, which is one of the most durable materials for bathtubs, resistant to heat, chipping, scratching, and denting.


Drop-in bathtub

A drop-in bathtub is installed into a frame called a surround, concealing the outside of the tub that leaves only the rim visible. This type of bathtub is popular due to its design versatility. It can be customized with different frame designs from tiles, cement, or even wood. Most drop-in tubs are made from quality acrylic—a non-porous material that prevents water penetration. Acrylic drop-in tubs are lightweight yet durable and easy to clean and maintain. 0
Courtesy of WIicon Depot

Whirlpool bathtub

For a captivating and luxurious bathing experience, a whirlpool bathtub is an ultimate option. This corner whirlpool bathtub gives a unique and contemporary setup for your bathroom. The 2-seater bathtub is designed like a Jacuzzi-style, equipped with a headrest, jets, multi-spray shower, and LED color lights, making you want to soak into a relaxing bath after a hard day.

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Satisfy your bath experience by picking the perfect shower enclosure

Shower enclosures serve as your bathroom’s separator between the wet and dry areas. It keeps your space more organized and provides extra privacy. There are different options for choosing the suitable shower enclosures for your bathroom as it comes in varieties of size, shape, and installation.

Square-shaped shower enclosure

You can opt for a square-shaped shower enclosure if you want to save space, as it can be installed onto a wall or corner easily. Being made up of clear tempered glass, it is distinguishably durable and at the same time, gives an illusion of a spacious room. 0
Courtesy of Wilcon Depot

Partition shower enclosure

Partition shower enclosure or sliding shower is also an ideal space-saving solution for a smaller-sized bathroom without sacrificing any functionality. It could consist of 2 or 3 sliding panels. The sliding doors are usually made up of durable glass variants in clear, frosted, or tinted. 0
Courtesy of Wilcon Depot

Fan-shaped shower enclosure

A fan-shaped shower enclosure is also known as a quadrant shower enclosure. It has two ends installed into the walls with a semi-oval curve in the middle. It is extraordinarily designed to fit any modern bathroom space alike. It could be one or two doors that are built with high-quality and toughened glass and frames. 0
Courtesy of Wilcon Depot

Shower Massage

This corner shower massage is an all-in-one shower enclosure that is intended to bring optimum shower experience. It is designed with tempered glass, a curved sliding door, and stainless steel frame, making it solid and heavy-duty. In addition, this type of shower enclosure has intelligent features like electronic power control, water jet for a back massage, illuminated rain shower, multi-spray telephone shower, hot and cold water mixer, foot massager, FM radio, and exhaust fan. 0
Courtesy of Wilcon Depot

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Indeed, there’s nothing better than enjoying and satisfying yourself after a long and tiring day with a spa-like bathroom experience. Consider adding these bathtubs and shower enclosures for your next bathroom upgrade and renovation.

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