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Metro Editors' Picks: 12 Must-Haves For Your Home Office That Will Surely Efface Your Blues Away

Yes, having the right desk companion might just do the trick

A stately desk paired with chic desk accessories have a way of making us feel like we’re the most productive person in the world. From a personalized notepad, a hand-painted organizer, or even a small plant that gives out a bit of zen in the middle of a hectic day, these small trinkets can easily turn your difficult day around. While most of us remain in the safety of our homes, having a workspace that’s both conducive and cozy for our demanding activities is a must. After all, it’s a place where we generate wonderful ideas to share.

As we integrate a small space for our creativity in our homes, picking the perfect accessories to fit our current setup requires effort. Luckily, our editors have their own personal wishlist of locally-sourced furniture and accessories for your home office, to give us a few ideas! Check out our gallery below to know where to shop from home: