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Metro Editors' Local Finds: Woven Storage Accessories To Help You Keep Your Things Neat and Tidy

In the end, it’s all about strategically storing your stuff!

 We’re all guilty of having a little too much of everything we really adore. For example, that stack of colorful pens on your work desk, the pile of magazines you’ve collected through the years, or even some letters you’ve received from friends or notes that read through from time to time. These things that do spark some kind of nostalgia are meant to be kept or even cherished for as long as you fancy—just make sure that you keep it in a tidy manner of course! While Marie Kondo’s style can be a little extreme to some, decluttering doesn’t always mean tossing everything out the window, think neat and organized instead. You might surprise yourself as to how spacious your room can be once you learn how to keep things tidy.

As you continue to practice the art of sorting out the things you use on a daily basis, take some inspiration to rearrange your stuff with our Editors' Local Finds, and scroll through the gallery below: