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Pets of the Week: Dad’s Best Friend

On this exclusive for Father’s Day, Muttro Society comes out with a special dads and dogs edition for 2020

There is simply no better way to quarantine than spending it with your dog, wouldn’t you agree? Beyond being man’s ultimate best friend, our pups can be a great source of love, joy, and strength, especially during some pretty challenging times. And even tough guys, like our dads, need a lot of love, too—and so it’s no surprise that our dads and their canine companions have only gotten closer while we’ve been spending more time than ever at home!  

On this very special edition of Muttro Society, we celebrate dad’s furry friends who brighten up each day at home and give us plenty to smile about!  

Check out our gallery featuring 22 of society’s most lovable dads and their adorable pets, their favorite dog quirks, and see just how they share a bond like no other:

Photos and story courtesy of Metro Society

Special thanks to Raul Manzano