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Make Flower Arranging Your New Hobby, Just Like Nadine Lustre

Our recommended resources for those this actress and all those who want to try this at home

We all fell into the learning pit while in quarantine, what with all the available sources online and the bounty of time spent at home. Even our celebrities aren’t exempted in riding the wave—trying their hands in new things to keep themselves occupied and productive. While others whip up a trending recipe or enroll in an online class, singer and actress Nadine Lustre delved into a different form of recreation: flower arranging.

New Hobby Alert: 5 Alternative DIY Bouquet Ideas Mom Will Appreciate


New Hobby Alert: 5 Alternative DIY Bouquet Ideas Mom Will Appreciate

Get the hang of flower arrangement and learn the tricks of the trade. We’ve picked out five online floral design classes, each perfect for beginners as well as experienced flower arrangers looking for fresh techniques and inspiration. Enroll now and flourish your knowledge on floral design!

1. Modern Flowers: Arranging a Stunning Centerpiece via SkillShare

This short course won’t eat up an hour of your time—it takes less than 60 minutes to finish! Join floral design duo Putnam & Putnam in their floral design studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn as they share techniques on making functional, ethereal, and long-lasting arrangements. They’ll also guide you through the process of selecting flowers, preparing the vessel, and arranging the flowers—all starting with a color in mind and playing off one single flower. Enroll here.

2. Floral Arrangement 101 via Universal Class

Begin with the elements and principles of design, then know how to use flowers and foliage available in your area, and finally, expand your skills from arranging flowers in vases to other kinds of assembly—all at your own pace. Enroll here.

3. Foundations of Floral Design Short Course via Floral Design Magazine

It will only take five lessons to complete this course. Learn the foundation and basics, the essential styles, how to modernize your design, and master color theory in order to perfect your floral design skills. Enroll here. 

4. Principles and Elements of Design via Team Flower

This comprehensive class takes six hours to finish—but it’s all worth every minute. Let Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers impart floral design principles and elements—balance, movement and rest, repetition, color gradation, focal point, dominance and lines, proportion, contrast, golden mean, rule of thirds, symmetry, asymmetry, proximity, radiation, pattern, unity, olor, texture and shape—and train you with the art of mixing and marrying of these powerful concepts. Enroll here.

5. The Complete Guide to Flower Box Arrangement via Udemy

Ready to take your arrangements from vase to a box? Then this class is for you! Designed for beginner and intermediate learners, it covers the principles of design and style development and offers step-by-step guided projects that you can do at home. Enroll here.

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