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Walk Into Neutral Territory

Flexible, timeless and elegant room designs for everyone

You can argue that all interiors are gender-neutral. After all, they can be custom-built with combinations of different tastes to fit one’s exact preferences. Even so, interior design has mostly been dictated by a heteronormative gender binary -  light colors, florals, polka dots geared towards women, and blues, blacks and leathers towards men. However, If you are seeking to design a gender neutral space, maybe for your bedroom, kitchen and other common areas, keep reading to assimilate the aesthetic which conflates indifferent ideas with your individual style.  

For starters, a flexible color palette is a must. Whilst you can’t go wrong with the sophisticated white , black and nudes, you aren’t limited to just that. One of Crate and Barrel’s latest collections - The Artisan Home & Crate Craft collection - highlights furniture pieces that showcase time-honored quality and craftsmanship. Warm and effortless, the collection uses earthier tones with elements of medium tone woods.

Here are some of their newest pieces that could be an apt addition to your gender-neutral space:

Photographs Courtesy of Crate and Barrel