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Object of the Week: Fornasetti’s “United With The World” Wall Plate

The iconic visage of Lina Cavalieri dons the Italian flag as a tricolor mask in support of COVID-19 relief efforts

What's not to love about a celebrated brand enthusiastically extending a helping hand towards social causes?  Italian decorative arts company, Fornasetti, known all over the world for its whimsical take on ceramics, wallpaper and fabrics, supports the "COVID-19 Emergency" campaign of CBM Italia, a humanitarian organization within CBM International. The organization works in developing countries, and recently also in Italy, on health and social projects to support the most vulnerable. For the initiative, the Milanese atelier has created a new plate that further extends the iconic Tema e Variazioni series. Proceeds will be donated in support of the campaign's activities.

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UNITED WITH THE WORLD The new face of solidarity. There are no limits to what imagination can do, improving us and the things around us. The new plate of the 'Tema e Variazioni' series will be distributed internationally and proceeds from sales will be donated to the fundraising campaign for the Covid-19 emergency launched with CBM Italia Onlus, in the period from 1 October to 31 December 2020. Alongside Barnaba Fornasetti are Filippa Lagerbäck, who has been an Ambassador of CBM Italia Onlus for years, and photographer Settimio Benedusi. Discover the Stories in the Dedicated NEW PLATE highlight. You can find more information and order the plate via the link in bio. @cbmitaliaonlus @filippalagerback Ph: @settimio_benedusi #unitedwiththeworld #FornasettiCBM #Fornasetti #barnabafornasetti

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The idea originally came from a message communicated by Barnaba Fornasetti during Italy's lockdown period. He invited the world to seize that moment of stasis as a creative opportunity to reflect on the future in a transformative way, seeking a solution that transcends boundaries to unite us in solidarity. The message was accompanied by the face of Lina Cavalieri, icon of the well-known Tema e Variazioni decoration, wearing a tricolor mask. The communicative power of the image inspired the Milanese atelier to transform it into a plate, linking it to a tangible act of solidarity.

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Fornasetti supports the international “Covid-19 Emergency” charity campaign of CBM Italia Onlus. A project inspired by a message of hope, ‘United with the world’, which Barnaba Fornasetti shared on his social networks during the lockdown period has now materialised in the form of a new plate in the ‘Tema e Variazioni’ series. Barnaba Fornasetti and Filippa Lagerbäck, who has been an Ambassador of CBM Italia Onlus for years, tell the story of an initiative that seals the longstanding collaboration between the historic Milanese Atelier and the humanitarian organisation. @cbmitaliaonlus @filippalagerback Ph: @settimio_benedusi #unitedwiththeworld #FornasettiCBM #Fornasetti #barnabafornasetti

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“[COVID-19 has yielded] a momentous change, one which no one expected and which has negative and positive aspects.  It’s up to us to grasp the positive aspects…The idea came to me to make this plate.  We decided to make this image of our iconic face of Lina Cavalieri along with this tricolor mask.  [The Italian flag] symbolizes the role of Italy in dragging the world into this story, hopefully of rebirth. Because we have understood that the virus has no borders.  And so we have to break down these borders.  United, we are strong,” Fornasetti states in an interview with Filippa Lagerback, Swedish television reporter and ambassador of CBM.

With “United with the world”, Fornasetti renews its commitment to support CBM, building on a lasting relationship that has bound the two organzations since 2013, marked by fruitful collaborations and various artistic projects. "It is an honor for us to be able to work with Fornasetti again, and we're sure that once again the combination of art and solidarity will appeal and be appreciated by the public. The initiative supports the most fragile people, those for whom we want to ensure the right to health, education and access to the means to lead an active, independent life. Those whom we have been treating and supporting for over 110 years in developing countries and now, during the COVID-19 emergency, in Italy too," declared Massimo Maggio, Director of CBM Italia.

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India - il nostro intervento nell'emergenza #covid19 al fianco dei più vulnerabili non si ferma. Il 26 giugno in occasione del "sibling day" (giornata dei fratelli), il nostro partner locale CCI - Centre for Community Initiative ha consegnato due concentratori di ossigeno all'ospedale di distretto di Churachandpur. Inoltre, insieme alle autorità dei villaggi, abbiamo distribuito #kitalimentari per 100 famiglie bisognose nell'area di New Lamka, raggiungendo 700 persone. In foto la distribuzione di kit alimentari e i due concentratori di ossigeno destinati all'ospedale. Grazie a tutti i donatori che scelgono ogni giorno di restare al fianco delle persone con disabilità e dei più vulnerabili.

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The support network activated by CBM has already led to significant interventions on various fronts: from the distribution of surgical masks to the boda bodas who transport patients to Kenyan hospitals to the construction of water access points and the translation of informative materials relating to the virus into sign language and Braille. In Italy, having provided tangible support during the health crisis in support of Bergamo's hospice care and the Covid Center in Rozzano, CBM's strategy for tackling the social emergency currently offers support to the families of children with serious disabilities, whom the pandemic threatens to deprive of care and services.

Thanks to the concrete help of the project's supporters, it will be possible to assist the most vulnerable, with an awareness that we must tackle the crisis together, looking positively towards the future, as the eyes of Lina Cavalieri seem to suggest.

"In this phase, all of us have contributed thanks to the redeeming power of creativity, which convinces us we are alive and reminds us that what brightens up our lives is ideas, improving us and the things around us. There are no limits to what imagination can do, and the appeal I make to myself and to all of us is to live this difficult and extraordinary period as an opportunity to reflect, to experience it with awareness, desire and reflection, becoming part of a community that can clearly see the past, what we no longer are, and more importantly what we would like to become," concludes Barnaba Fornasetti.  

The Fornasetti United with the world plate is available in the Philippines through Opulence Design Concept.  Send them a DM through their Instagram, @opulence_design_concept or visit  Internationally, it is available in Fornasetti stores in Milan and London.