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Object of the Week: This Gender-Neutral Rattan Dollhouse Will Give Your Children Hours Of Imaginative Play

An educational toy that will develop their skills and creativity, this doll house is not just for little girls

When little ones come into our lives, we often spruce up their spaces in colors and decor that have been traditionally regarded as appropriate for their gender.  Nowadays, more parents are pushing for gender-neutral spaces, toys and accessories in order to make the most of them.  This way, in case a sibling comes along, no matter their gender, they may inherit the nursery or even move in with the older sibling.  The same is true for toys.  The aesthetics of toys are moving to a secondary spot to its nature, as the values and skills children learn from them take the lead role in creative play.   Take, for example, the wooden rattan dollhouse by Beyond White Baby (@beyondwhitebaby).

In an Instagram post, this purveyor for bespoke pieces for your little one” states the various plus points to gifting your child with this locally-crafted, made-with-love toy:

1. It engages your little one in imaginative play

Imaginary narratives that mirror what happens in real life improves children’s emotional skills and exercise creativity and communication.

2. It develops his social skills.

Developing a dialogue between the characters that live in the doll house will allow the child to connect with others and foster harmonious relationships.

3. It develops his vocabulary and verbal skills.

Through the narratives created while playing with the doll house as a place for characters to live in, children speak and mimic voices that help them express themselves.

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4. It fosters creativity.

The doll house functions as a blank canvas for children onto which to project events based on their daily lives and feelings.  In this world, they direct the events that unfold.

5. It opens their minds to out-of-the-box ways for open-ended play.  

Cotton balls as pillows, match boxes as beds… these are just a few of the creative re-purposing done by children and their guardians to complete the doll house experience.  It teaches children to be resourceful, not limiting themselves to the components of the doll house to express themselves.

6. It is a vehicle to teach them the importance of routines. 

Because the doll house is a venue for a narrative, the routines learned at home are underscored by re-creating them via character play in the doll house.

7. It improves the child’s fine motor skills. 

Its small parts will make the child focus, understanding spatial relationships in order to move things around.

Engage your child in imaginative play, and teach him or her life skills.   Send @beyondwhitebaby a DM to order one.

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