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Object of the Week: Samsung’s ‘Eco-Packaging’ for Its Lifestyle TV Lineup

Samsung makes another significant step toward sustainability, with eco-friendly recyclable cardboard packaging. Make a small end table and even a cat house with their new packaging.

Who’s a victim of beautiful packaging? Raise your hands! In a market of stiff competition, packaging matters so much, and often, some of the most iconic products are housed in memorable ones. What’s not to love about packaging that carefully considers sustainability and lifestyle, valuing both the environment and the consumers who have purchased the product?

Look no further than Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for a pioneering the effort towards attractive, recyclable packaging. Recently, the company announced that it will introduce a new eco-friendly packaging across its Lifestyle TV product portfolio in efforts to reduce the environmental footprint.

With Samsung's new packaging that can be upcycled, owners of The Sero can transform their boxes into cat houses. | Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung’s new ‘eco-packaging’ made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard will be applied to The Serif, The Frame and The Sero, allowing customers easier recycling as well as upcycling of the cardboard boxes for creative reuse.

Samsung has applied a dot matrix design on each side of its eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes, allowing customers to cut the boxes more easily and assemble them into various other uses, such as small end tables or houses for pets.

Championing a the can-do DIY ethic, included within the packaging is a manual to guide customers on how to make household items out of the cardboard boxes, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the box.

Owners of The Serif who tend to put shelves and furniture around the TV can build cat houses, magazine racks and even shelves from the cardboard boxes to store household items and electronic devices, including the remote control.

End table with shelves made from packaging of Samsung Serif | Courtesy of Samsung

Earlier this year, Samsung had already won CES 2020 Innovation Awards for its eco-packaging concept for promoting the efficient use of resources.

As part of the rollout of the new eco-packaging, Samsung and Dezeen, a British lifestyle magazine, will hold a global design competition starting April 6th, where the two companies will award the most unique and practical designs and will apply the designs into its eco-packaging manual.

"Consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that shares similar fundamentals and values as they do, and with our eco-packaging, we believe that we can provide our customers with a new experience that considers the environment as an important way to express themselves," said Kangwook Chun, Executive Vice President and Head of Product Strategy Team of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

For more information on the design competition, please visit Dezeen’s website and Samsung TV Instagram (@samsungtv).