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Object Of The Week: The Pampshade Will Fill Your Room With Warmth

Designed by a Japanese ex-baker, Yukiko Morita, this freshly baked accent light glows with the promise of cozy evenings

Admittedly, the Pampshade has seen its fair share of oohhs and aahhs from various homeware fairs and editorials, since its official conception by Japanese ex-baker, Yukiko Morita in 2016 who has been toying with the idea since 2006.  With so many having found the joys of baking and making bread during this time, coupled with the eve of the "'ber" months leading to Christmas, this novelty object makes a fitting feature.  It is essentially a lamp fashioned of freshly-baked bread.  Its name is derived from a combination between the Japanese word for bread, "pan," and "lamp shade."

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Slightly shorter than the classic baguette, yet equally mouthwatering to the eyes, our Pampshade Batard will fill your room with the illuminating glow of Parisian nightlife. This Pampshade provides a gentle ambient light source and is designed to be displayed on a table or hung on a wall. . Furthermore, it's coated with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to protect and seal the lamp for years to come. During the manufacturing process, the bread is carefully hollowed out, resulting in some minor cracks or small holes that further add to the lamp's rustic, artisanal character. Please note that these are not considered to be defects. . • Materials: Bread flour, cake flour, yeast, LED lights, power code • Power Source: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.3A DC 12V 1.0A . ━━━━━━━━━━━━ All kinds of bread lamps are available from our store! Link in bio → @pampshade ✨ ━━━━━━━━━━━━ . . 伝統的なフランスパン-バゲットよりも少し短く太いのがこのバタール。 日本でフランスパンといえばこの形をイメージする人も多いかもしれません。 ゆったりとしたフォルムのクープから溢れる明かりが、穏やかな夜の幸せな時間をもたらします。 材料:強力粉、薄力粉、塩、イースト、LED、電源、他・・・ 電源:コンセントタイプ . ━━━━━━━━━━━━ オンラインでも購入可能です♪Link in bio → @pampshade ✨ ━━━━━━━━━━━━

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How bread became the vessel from which light shines through is answered by a poignant throwback story by its creator who worked in a bakery.   She so opposed food waste, witnessing the amounts of bread that were being thrown daily, due to restaurant and sanitation standards.  During one of her break periods, she held up a roll of bread against the sunlight, and noticed that it glowed, owing to the light streaming from its crevices.   "When I was working at a bakery, I couldn't bear to see the bread being scrapped.  Bread is more than just eating, it has more appeal than that.With that in mind, we are making things that allow you to rediscover the charm of bread under the theme of 'I like bread more,'" says Yukiko Morita in a website post.  

To make one Pampshade, bread its various incarnations: a baguette, a croissant, a roll, a champignon or even a loaf of toast is freshly baked.  Morita then scoops out the bread's interior in order to make it hollow, ready to receive the battery-operated lamp that is inserted into the bread carcass.  It is then coated with resin in order to preserve it, making it an object suitable for many uses in interiors.  

To avoid food wastage, the pieces that have been excavated from the bread shells are then converted into various confections such as rusks.  Sumptuous parmesan-pepper and pistachio-butter are two of the flavors that Pampshade also sells in their store.  Aside from rusks, many other confections are made with the bread pieces that were hollowed out from their shells.

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Carefully, one by one! The shape, color, and hardness of baked bread can change depending on the day. So, I always carefully check each piece's differences, feeling them with my fingertips, before hollowing them out. . 一つ一つ、丁寧に。 パンは日によって、形や焼き色、硬さなどが変化します。その違いを一つ一つ、指先の感覚で確かめながら、くり抜いていきます。 . . . . . . . . #artisan #artisanlight #artisanlights #artisanmade #baguette #bread #breadart #breadlamp #breadlamps #breadlight #breadlights #breadlover #breadporn #breadstuff #craftsmanship #foodart #frenchbread #homeanddecor #homedecor #lamp #lampdesign #lampe #lamps #lampwork #light #lightingdesign #onlineshopping #pampshade #warmlight #🥖

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If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that we transform bread into lamps, which we call "Pampshades." . To achieve this, we must hollow-out the bread. The insides are called "Nakami" in Japanese. But, since we love bread so much, we couldn't bear to waste them. So, we used them to create a new product—gourmet rusk! 🎉 . Have you heard of rusk? It's a treasured part of many culinary traditions. It blends textures and flavors, both sweet and savory! We called it, "Nakami Rusk!" It comes in two incredible flavors: • Sweet Pistachio & Butter • Parmesan Cheese & Black Pepper . ━-━-━-━-━-━-━ We'd love you to try some! ━-━-━-━-━-━-━ . Buy any Pampshade from our online store from July 24nd to August 31st, and you'll get a free pack of Nakami Rusk! . Visit our store to get a Pampshade now → link in bio → @pampshade . . . パンのクラスト(皮)はパンプシェードに、パンのクラム(中身)は・・・??? . この度遂に、パンプシェードの中身(NAKAMI)で作ったラスクができました!!! それに伴いラスクのプレゼントキャンペーンが始まります!🎉 . 期間:本日〜8/31 online shopでパンプシェードをご購入の方へ、NAKAMI RUSK1点無料でプレゼント!(数量限定。商品がなくなり次第、終了いたします) URL:プロフィールリンクにて @pampshade . TASTE #1・・・スイートピスタチオ&バター TASTE #2・・・パルメザンチーズ&ブラックペッパー 各540円(税抜き) . どちらが当たるかは届いてのお楽しみに・・・☺️

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Morita aims to "rescue" bread from becoming waste, one roll at a time.  To her, the warmth of fresh bread, along with the nuances of its baking, makes this food an old familiar favorite.  Its power lies within a few humble ingredients, and yet, it goes a long way in its ability to nourish.  Who hasn't smiled at the thought of its aroma coming out of the oven?  In Morita's hands, bread takes on a new form as a lamp, hihglighting its association with nurturing warmth, coziness, comfort, and blessings.  

"Bread is not only delicious to eat, but also it has rich fragrance, gentle color and cute shape that are all attractive and making me feel happy. When I visit a bakery, breads raise me up and make me smile naturally. On the other hand, the bread dough is very delicate and sensitive, so there is deep practice in order to bake delicious breads, which is never done by amateur work. Also there are various breads all over the world and each bread should have own culture, taste and how to eat. I’m truly fascinated with the world of bread. The more I know the bread, the more doors I should open.  Bread begins as a small white lump, the dough is risen by yeast greatly, then they are baked  up with good smells.  Breads have different names according to its shape even though they are made of same dough. 'Breads seem to be alive…' I think that people have always felt love during making breads and made love for what was made from a long time ago. I would like to realize my creativity for the charm of bread in the way that only I can create... I want many people to experience the inviting charm of bread," reveals Morita, the Pampshade artist.  

Giving off a soft glow, the Pampshade will not illuminate the room for task lighting.  Instead, consider it as an ambient light or an accent piece, most appropriate for space styling.  Here are its various interior applications:

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