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Pet of the Week: BLACKPINK's Adorable Companions

See who gives Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé the warmest cuddles

Pet lovers raise your hands up! We all know who BLACKPINK is - Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and RosƩ. Now, let's get to see more of their pets! They shared on their V Live that they have pets for company and of course, something that we can all relate to, for our sanity. Who's the busiest fur mom of them all?


Jisoo has a Maltese named Dalgom. He loves chilling with her and loves playing around with Kuma, Jennie's Pomeranian. Jisoo sometimes experiences sleep paralysis or nightmares but Dalgom saves the day. She even brought him to a dog training school but he wasn't really that attentive.


RosƩ has a goldfish named Joohwangie/Orange and Eunhee, a yellow fish. Orange is her favorite fish. During one of the episodes of BLACKPINK House, her mom told her that Orange died and she cried, but later clarified it was the yellow fish. Her fish is with her family in Australia. She also grew up with dogs, Tobi and Max. Not much is known about them but photos of her and Tobi were on the internet. Max resembles the Golden Retriever during their Ice Cream music video.


Jennie loves all pets! From her co-members' pets to other pets like capybara, she loves them. She has a Pomeranian, Kuma, and Cocker Spaniel, Kai. Kuma has even appeared on Jennie's Vogue cover. She loves taking them for walks or a quiet stroll at their place. She also brings Kuma to one of her shoots.

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Kuma at shoot

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The cat mom of them all! Lisa has two other cats with her parents in Thailand, Hunter and Tiga. She has Lily, Luca, Louis, and Leo. Louis is her favorite, but RosƩ is the step mom. During one of their episodes in 24/365 With BLACKPINK, in a trip to a pet store, RosƩ was planning to give a treat to Louis. She named all of Lisa's cats except for Luca, and of course, Hunter and Tiga. Lisa's cats even appeared as plushies from their recent release, Ice Cream.

All of their pets are their happy pills! A hug from them recharges them from all sorts of interviews, rehearsals, and whatnot. They have lived with them since they started and continue to share mutual love from their pets. Thank you for sharing your photos of your pets with us!

We've made a cute gallery that will surely make your eyes look like a puppy and leave you wanting for one!

Photos from @sooyaaa__, @lalalalisa_m, @jennierubyjane, @roses_are_rosie