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Pet of the Week: It’s Taco Time

Taco the Scottish Fold provides loads of inspiration for a South Korean Vlogger and her thousands of viewers

In a vlog called Nyangsoop, Taco, a Scottish Fold cat, figures prominently.  She lives in an idyllic setting, straight out of a fairy tale, a rustic cabin in a forest in South Korea.  She is captured in all her best angles by her mom, a lifestyle vlogger, who carefully directs each scene with a noticeably neutral color palette, reminiscent of a forever fall scene. Enjoyed by 152K subsrcribers, the Youtube channel shows videos of Taco working very hard by keeping her human company and providing inspiration.

The Nyangsoop vlog is full of recipes and ideas for the home, such as how to build your very own cat tower:

About the Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats have often been compared to owls because of its tucked ears, big, round eyes and round face.  This breed has a very sweet disposition, and are known to be affectionate.

The breed’s roots is traced to Susie, the barn cat from Scotland whose ears were flat.  She also gave birth to kittens who had flat ears like hers.  Aided by a geneticist, a farmer by the name of William Ross decided to breed Susie.  The breed gained popularity in 1976.

Cat associations warn of the dangers of breeding the Scottish Fold further because the genetic condition that causes their unique trait, their flat ears, also leads to other complications such as arthritis and degenerative joint disease.  It is advised to handle their tails carefully, as they may have developed arthritis at an early age.   However, a healthy Scottish Fold can live to an average of 15 years.

Follow Taco and her mom’s tips for the home here.