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Pet of the Week: Note Luna The Mini Golden’s Special Message

This Mini Golden Retriever from Ontario, Canada shows us how to stay free from COVID-19

Our Pet of the Week is Luna, the Mini Golden who has gone viral since Barked featured her public service announcement:

Luna’s Instagram profile describes her as “48 lbs of stubborn.” She has been featured multiple times in Bark and 9 Gag.

Her pwarents documented her growing up pretty well.  These photos show her irresistible charm:

About the Breed

The mini golden retriever is a designer dog breed which was created to pack the awesome personality of a golden retriever in a smaller package.  To achieve this, the golden retriever is cross bred with a smaller dog, usually a cocker spaniel or a toy poodle.   All these dog breeds have been originally bred for the purpose of work.  Hence, the gene pool of the mini golden retriever yields intelligent dogs who are cooperative with humans.

Socializing them at an early stage will ensure that they are comfortable with their human family.  They are generally active, and will require time outdoors for play.

Regular vet check-ups and a good diet will ensure that they are healthy.

Follow Luna the Mini Golden and watch out for her PSA's and videos at @lunaminigolden.

All images by @lunaminigolden.