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Pottery Sessions For Two: Make Something For The Home With Your Loved One

Unleash your inner Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze this Valentines Season with these pottery classes

Who doesn’t remember that sexy pottery scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost? The mush—it’s a little much, but because there’s only a week left before Valentine’s Day, here it is, one of the most romantic movie moments ever:

Pottery has been known to have a host of therapeutic qualities.  In 2017, psychotherapist Joshua K.M. Nan published a study on Clay Art Therapy in the Journal of Affective Disorders.  In the study, he reports that working with clay can help adults improve their mood, decision-making and motivation. Perhaps it’s the action of centering clay on a wheel, its sensation on the hands, the pushing and kneading in order to come up with a certain form that keeps a person focused and centered in the moment. There is also so much to be said for the gratification of having created something from a lump of clay.  There is an undeniable thrill about seeing something formed by one’s own hands. 

The sense of touch is also key for healing.  Clay’s tactile qualities allow the mind to focus on what is being formed, creating a meditative retreat. Other positive effects of pottery as therapy include:

1.     It provides an outlet of release for pent-up emotions.

2.      It allows for self-expression.

3.      It is a venue for non-judgmental experimentation and exploration.

4.      It improves one’s focus.

5.      It reduces stress.

6.      It helps relieve pain.

7.      It encourages socializing.

With all these benefits for self-love and the individual, imagine what a pottery session can do for a couple?  Take it as an opportunity to bond together.  Get to know each other by sharing each other’s creative tricks with clay.  Make something for each other that you can use at home. 

We’ve rounded up all the Valentine’s Day pottery classes for two, from Pasay to Antipolo.  Take your pick.  There must be one near you: