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Room In Focus: Welcome Mondays In Your Own Office Shed

With a number of people working from home, the pandemic has proven that most are indeed successful at it with a reliable dedicated space

Working from home nowadays is the new normal.  It’s been proven that zoning the home to accommodate office work gives one the proper space in which to perform their duties.  The importance of a dedicated office space as key to making this setup conducive cannot be denied when one feels the benefits of this, especially when it comes to establishing a routine and work-life balance.  With online classes, and possibly, two adults hankering for a spot in the home office, it can get a little crammed, though.  Enter the concept of the office shed.

There’s Big Potential In The T-House, A Local Prototype Home Aligned With The Tiny House Movement


There’s Big Potential In The T-House, A Local Prototype Home Aligned With The Tiny House Movement

Think of this cousin of the tiny home as your home office (slightly) away from home, as it can potentially be situated in your backyard.  It enhances the feeling of being in a productive space, while still staying within the comfort of your home’s premises.  The Chicago Tribune,  The New York Times, and most recently, CNN have all noticed the growing trend for this home office solution.  All three major news sources have reported a surge in demand for the office shed.  Among its benefits are giving its user the experience of truly being at home, unencumbered by work tasks, as the office is now located in a location that is away from it, such as the backyard, while still allowing the individual to  maintain social distancing in settings such as the commute to work.  Having the home office located physically away from the main house also offers an out of site, out of mind phenomenon that is a balm to those who are already stressed out  due to the numerous life pivots demanded by the pandemic.  Finally, it also gives couples who work from home peace of mind and as well as space, maintaining mental wellness.  With the addition of an office shed, they are now able to work in separate spaces, one in the home office and the other in the office shed, allowing them to personalize their own space.

Office sheds vary in sizes and styles.  See the gallery below:

Is the office shed for you?  Depending on the amount of room you can dedicate to your office shed, the plans and configurations will vary.  You may even fit a pantry, a receiving area or a treadmill if space allows.  Get your free plans here

Banner photos by @rimaluxre and @epicmondaycom