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These Limited-Edition Bespoke Samsung Panels Are For The Bold And Edgy

TOILETPAPER collaborates with Samsung on an experimental and adventurous line of refrigerator panels

When one is so committed to the style of their home, they’re just not that willing to accept any old and boring white appliance.  Personality, verve and self-expression can indeed be taken to very minute design details, including that of your refrigerator.  Just a few years ago, Samsung introduced their line of bespoke refrigerator panels.  Reminiscent of Piet Mondrian’s paintings, these fun and flexible panels are bathed in colors, from pastels to bright hues.  

Samsung pushes the envelope on this product range by collaborating with TOILETPAPER, a creative studio helmed by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.  Known for their irreverent twist on graphics and design, they have also collaborated with brands such as Seletti and Kenzo.  

Their collaboration was unveiled at Fuorisalone during the 2023 Milan Design Week, the collaboration brings TOILETPAPER’s unique and disruptive art style to limited-edition Samsung Bespoke refrigerator panels.

TOILETPAPER collab with Samsung. RIGHT: Roses With Eyes. LEFT: Magic Mirror. | Courtesy of Samsung Philippines

Central to the Samsung Bespoke philosophy is the aim to push the boundaries of white appliance designs to introduce new modes of personal self-expression through customization. In many ways, TOILETPAPER and Samsung have a similar creative vision, which encourages self-expression and embraces experimental design concepts. For Bespoke design, this comes in the form of personalization and customization, while TOILETPAPER specializes in unconventional, avant-garde art styles that make bold statements about life.

“At Samsung, we are always exploring evolutions in our design language to ensure our users have fresh, new ways to express themselves through our products,” said Ik Soo Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing Team of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to introduce our latest custom designs to Bespoke products, infusing our home appliances with TOILETPAPER’s colorful, tongue-in-cheek aesthetic.”

"Working with Samsung on the new limited-edition Bespoke TOILETPAPER designs was an amazing opportunity for us to challenge ourselves with new mediums,” said Maurizio Cattelan, co-founder of TOILETPAPER. “Through our combined efforts, we were able to reimagine where images are displayed and allow people to see the extraordinary in even ordinary things.”  

TOILETPAPER Lipsticks panel in collaboration with Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators. | Courtesy of Samsung Philippines.
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Japandi Takes Over Milan In This Dreamy Showroom

The four new Bespoke panel designs that Samsung is introducing in collaboration with TOILETPAPER are titled Dessert Lady, Lipsticks, Magic Mirror and Roses with Eyes. The Lipsticks and Roses with Eyes designs will be available for Bespoke Bottom Mounted Freezer (BMF) models while the Magic Mirror and Dessert Lady designs will be available for 1-Door and 4-Door refrigerator models. These limited-edition TOILETPAPER refrigerator panel designs will be available for purchase for global markets starting in the first half of the year.

"Roses with Eyes" TOILETPAPER panel design in collaboration with Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators. | Courtesy of Samsung Philippines

Guests staying at TOILETPAPER Apartment, a newly opened hospitality facility, will also be able to see one of the new Bespoke refrigerator panel designs which will remain even after Fuorisalone has concluded.

The TOILETPAPER Apartment, TOILETPAPER Living, in the heart of Milan. | @toiletpapermagazineofficial

Samsung Philippines will also be launching their own collaboration with local artists for the Bespoke Artist Collection.  For more news and updates, log on to Samsung’s Official Facebook Page, Samsung’s Official Instagram Page, or log on to to know more about our Bespoke Refrigerator.