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Say Hola To The Porcelanosa Magic

The renowned global brand for home requirements, Porcelanosa, unveiled its new showroom at BGC with a celebration of things Spanish

Found in 120 countries worldwide, with over 400 showrooms, it’s not easy to escape the Spanish brand Porcelanosa, and the footprint they’ve created in the world of tiles, kitchen, and bathroom needs. Their more than major presence is backed by over 40 years of experience, an attention to quality, and an aggressive marketing approach. Here in the Philippines, the new Porcelanosa showroom, now found in the MDI Building, BGC, can boast of two well-thought out floors that display everything your dream kitchen and bathroom would look like.
One of the Major Partners of Porcelanosa Philippines is Rally Martinez; and having known Rally for decades, he was kind enough to show me around, and talk about their plans. They’ve been in the country for some years now, and the trademark Porcelanosa vertically integrated model of manufacturing, distributing, and retailing has been a boon to Rally and his partners in securing success here.

Via this approach, Porcelanosa enables its clients and end-users to directly and effectively source its wide product offerings. These include kitchen cabinetry, bathroom furniture & fixtures, hardwood, laminate, glass and stone mosaics, natural stone tiles, solid surface, and modern, avant-garde building systems for contemporary architecture.

Their Tile, Kitchen & Bath requirements portfolio speak of a strict adherence to quality, of constant innovation, and of a passion for detail. As Rally was explaining to me, there definitely will be a drive next year to push the envelope further, and establish a more high-end, luxury image for the brand. For professionals and consumers alike, the impetus will be to make Porcelanosa the go-to brand for a wider range of the market, especially the luxury niche.

Whether your office or home is contemporary, is traditional, or transitional, there will be products of Porcelanosa to help achieve the look and feel you’re after - or didn’t know you needed. Porcelain tiles, bathroom faucet or bathtub, your customized kitchen, Porcelanosa will be there to complete the look. And from what I saw the night of the showroom’s launch, several architects and interior designers were excited by the prospects, and how the showroom was a virtual window of possibilities.

To highlight the provenance of the brand, a duo of Spanish singer/musicians, accompanied by a female Flamenco dancer, provide the ambiance and celebratory tone needed to usher in a new phase of Porcelanosa in the Philippines.