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SHOP THE LOOK: Live A K-Drama Life With These Home Décor And Accessories

Shop Lazada To Bring Your Favorite K-Dramas Home

The Korean Wave has made so many of us into fans, and has proven to be quite irrepressible.  With one compelling K-Drama after another, Filipinos are getting schooled about the Korean way of living.  Though plots and characters change with each compelling portrayal, some elements of these K-Dramas' mise en scene remain the same, especially with those that involve the home.  

We've reached deep into our memory banks to recall some of the most memorable scenes from favorite K-Dramas, picked items for the home corresponding to each scene, and found them on Lazada for you, so you don't have to leave home to get the look:

Even Captain Ri from Crash Landing On You tried his hand at plant parenting.  Remember when he counseled Yoon Se-Ri to tell the tomato plant good things for it to grow? 

Captain Ri from Crash Landing On You trying to grow a plant by speaking words of affirmation to it. | TVN

For those of you who have cultivated plants through the quarantine, here's a charming pot for your greens:

2pcs Korean-style Big-size Succulent Pots

Features: Corrosion resistance, light, breathable, self-absorbent, not easy to deform, strong and durable, degradable, water-saving and drought-resistant.


  • 2pcs Korean-style Big-size Succulent Pots

Numerous K-Dramas and Korean variety shows celebrate their cuisine with sumptuous scenes that center on food and eating.  Here are a few of them:

Treat the family to a samgyupsal feast from the comfort of home with this:

Korean Style Samgyupsal Electric Grill

2 in 1, BBQ oven and Hot Pot.


  • Korean Style Samgyupsal Electric Grill

The joy of eating Korean food will not be complete without a rice, noodle dish or stew served piping hot in a dolsot or a gapdolsot.  A small bowl made of agalmatolite, these are ubiquitous in K-Dramas that show celebrations or groups of friends or families gathered around a table to share a meal.  

We saw this scene in Itaewon Class several times.  What's a K-Drama series with a plot revolving around the restaurant industry without the humble dolsot?

Take the party home with this:

Ceramic Dolsot Bibimbap Bowl

Material: Heat-resistant ceramics / High-class plastic tray. It is safe to use in stove tops, ovens and microwaves.


  • Ceramic Dolsot Bibimbap Bowl

Speaking of tableware, hardly have we ever seen a K-Drama without its requisite servings of ramyun or generous, toothsome, slurp-worthy noodles.  Coffee Prince's Eun-Chan had her fill of these:

Stir-fried or soup-based, serve noodles at home with this:


Japanese Style Double Ear Ceramic Bowl

Microwave oven, oven, dishwasher and disinfection cabinet safe.


  • Japanese Style Double Ear Ceramic Bowl

While you're shopping for tabletop items, complete it with the minimalist sophistication of this tea set:


MONAZONE High Temperature Resistant Glass Tea Set

This set of Japanese acacia wood tea set combines borosilicate glass and acacia wood. It is crystal clear, heat resistant and explosion-proof.


  • MONAZONE High Temperature Resistant Glass Tea Set

On the topic of eating and celebrating, we've watched many scenes where families or groups of friends are seated on the floor, around a table no taller than a western coffee table, enjoying their meals.  Here are stills from Reply 1988 and Crash Landing On You featuring some of these light-hearted moments:

Reply 1988 | TVN
Crash Landing On You | TVN

Even if you aren't too keen on having meals seated on the floor, adapt this as a charming vignette at home, and add a woven pouf or two to complement the piece:

Foldable Wooden Japanese Tea Table

Foldable Japanese tea table made out of Paulownia wood


  • Foldable Wooden Japanese Tea Table

Round Woven Cushion

This comfortable sitting cushion is made from natural cattails only with a strong sponge filling.


  • Round Woven Cushion

With meals eaten seated on the floor, it is no wonder that we see people changing from their shoes into comfy slippers in K-Dramas.  Buy your own indoor slippers.  This is a good habit to keep the health of the home, whether or not you also take your meals seated on the floor.  Just imagine that without taking your shoes off as you enter the home, the possibility of taking the germs indoors multiplies.  It is also good practice to get a shoe rack for your entryway.  Shop for both here:

Storage Shoe Cabinet Three Doors And Four Doors

This shoe rack cabinet has a multilayer storage and high storage capacity.


  • Storage Shoe Cabinet Three Doors And Four Doors

Finally, we've seen a lot of aegyo expressed in K-Dramas.  The term refers to a manner of displaying affection through a childish display of gestures, voices and mannerisms.  This may explain the appearance of cute stuffed animals almost as characters in some K-Dramas.  Remember this from Goblin:

Eun Tak and her Dokebi stuffed toy | TVN

Or this scene from What's Wrong With Secretary Kim:

Get your share of cute here:

Super Soft Shiba Inu Plush


  • Super Soft Shiba Inu Plush


K-Drama writers love to offer a good, romantic rainy scene with both protagonists under an umbrella.  We've seen this a lot with this genre.  Here are some of the best ones:

Arm yourself with one this rainy season (and share it with someone adorable):

Rain-discolored magic umbrella

Flowers-bloom effect when using under the rain


  • Rain-discolored magic umbrella