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Inside The P400,000-A-Night Golf Resort Where Song Joong-ki Vacations With His Family

We give you every design detail of South Cape Spa & Suite, a luxury golf resort where international stars and the superrich come for some privacy and relaxation

Where do international celebrities go when they want some privacy to unwind and relax? Well, for Korean star Song Joong Ki, one of his go-to places is South Cape Spa & Suite, one of the most artistically designed, secluded, and expensive resorts in South Korea.

Song Joong Ki vacations with his family

Joong Ki was spotted at South Cape Spa & Suite in August last year, after his brother, Song Seung Ki, posted photos of their trip on his Instagram page. It could be seen in the photograph that Joong Ki was there in the resort with his parents, older brother and his wife, younger sister, and two nephews.

In one of the videos posted by Seung Ki, you can see Joong Ki playing with his nephew as he rides a hoverboard. 

The vacation could have been a much-needed break for Joong Ki who shot his latest Netflix K-drama, Vincenzo, last year

Do you want to get a glimpse of what Song Joong Ki saw and experienced during his stay at South Cape Spa & Suite? Read on!

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A tour of South Cape Spa & Suite

South Cape Spa & Suite is located at Namhae in the South Gyeongsang province. What’s interesting is that more than a resort and wellness facility, they also boast an expansive golf course for golf enthusiasts or for those who just like to chill in open area. It’s designed by architect Kyle Phillips, who has designed over 100 golf courses around the world, including the Kingsbarns Golf Links in Scotland, and the Golf de Mortefontaine in France.

Built facing the Namhae Sea, the property lends amazing panoramic views of the sea, of the lush grass, and the mountains.

Open lobby

The luxury golf resort was created by Jung Jae-bong, chairman of Korea-based fashion manufacturing company Handsome Corp., with a vision to create a space that provides “ultimate healing.” He believes that to achieve this, the resort should be able to provide services that deliver relaxation and healing on a mental, physical, and aesthetic level.

This is why the moment you enter the lobby, you’ll notice how the walls are formed in such a way that it opens to the astounding view of the Namhae Sea. The way the shape of the property flows to and from the ocean was intentional, to give a feeling of oneness with nature—from where true healing comes from.

Open lobby

The Clubhouse, which is exclusive to the South Cape Owners Club, is located at the top of the resort, and hugs a courtyard that opens up to the sky and the sea. The thick marble walls and the luxury post-modern furniture are softened by the walnut wood and the rock garden at the center of the courtyard.

Outside the clubhouse

Inside, the walls and the floor are all made with smooth and clean concrete, as if making for a clean canvass to showcase the many art pieces you’ll find in the property. In fact, every step and turn feels like a trip to the museum, with every statement furniture and sculpture a story to discover.

As you enter the reception, stone walls by artist Hong Dong Hee will greet you. There’s a statement piece by the entrance by Richard Artschwager, and you can hang around by the reception in the eccentric wooden tables and chairs by Enrico Marone Cinzano. The watercolor-like partitions in the dining hall are specially made by artist Moon Beom, while there’s a bronze sculpture with the theme of “thinking” displayed in the corridor by Professor Jeong Hyeon.

Probably one of the most standout pieces at the South Cape Spa & Suite is the chair piece located at the open lobby by British artist Tom Price. Much of Tom Price’s works seek to explore the untapped potential of familiar materials, which can be seen in the creation of the Blue Rope Meltdown, the chair piece made from polypropylene rope bundled like a ball with a mold of the Eames chair melted on top.

Blue Rope Meltdown by Tom Price

Luxury spreads out to many of the furniture in every nook and cranny of the resort. While not art pieces in themselves, each chair in the meeting halls cost over 3 million won or around 129,000 pesos, with matching New Zealand kauri tree tables made of 47,000-year-old trees.

To unwind, head on to the museum-like Therapy Spa, with walls made from handcrafted soil compaction by Hong Dong-Hee. You can also check out the warm and comforting Music Library, which also features details by Hong Dong-Hee, where you can read up and experience the history of analogue music. Aside from the books, you can peruse are a Stradivarius violin and vintage audio equipment from the 1920s like Western Eclectic and Klang Film. The creation of this room was made possible in consultation with various music experts, including classic music enthusiast and television broadcaster Hwang In-yong.

Music Library
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Another highlight of the facility is the gorgeous infinity pool that flows into the Namhae Sea. The vibrant blue waters matched with clean and light woods make for a peaceful and minimalist experience.

Infinity pool

Apart from the 2-square kilometer golf course that has been dubbed as home to some of the World’s Greatest Holes, you can also explore the lush nature through trekking trails and biking courses. In the open area, you’ll also get a glimpse of the Ring Dome, an art installation by architect Cho Min-seok, which has been showcased at the Samsung Museum of Art in New York, Milan, and Yokohama.

The golf course spans 2 sq kilometers

Dining is also on a whole new level. Enjoy a spectacular background and view as you dine at The Raw. South Cape’s signature restaurant is enveloped in floor-to-ceiling glass windows that invite the sunlight and lend a panoramic view of the surrounding sea and nature. Two artists also converge in this space: Moon Beom’s white and blue partitions and Lindsay Adeleman’s glass and brass ceiling lights.

The Row restaurant

And when you’re ready to retire, you’ll have a pick from the most luxurious suites in the property. Surrounding the massive rock garden is the Linear Suite, made from exposed concrete stacked along the Cape-shaped terrain. This houses the various villas you can rent for the night, each of them tailored to the highest of standards, from 75-sqm cuts to as spacious as 142 sqm.

Just like the rest of the property, the suites are made with clean lines of mostly woods and whites. Color and curves are brought in through the post-modern furniture, with views of either the sea or the forest.

The Linear Suite
Inside the Ocean Suite

For the most luxurious experience, check-in at the Cliff House, which sits atop a lush cliff, overlooking the south sea. This is the most expansive and private of the villas that you can rent in the resort, which is built much sleeker than the suites with its dark woods, stone bricks, and warm light fixtures. The Cliff House also has its own private pool.

The Cliff House

So, if 10 million won or 400,000 pesos a night feels exorbitant, well, South Cape Spa & Suite will make every won worth that fee. For sure, Song Joong Ki had a blast during his vacation.

Experience a virtual tour of the South Cape Spa & Suite in the gallery below.

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Photographs from South Cape’s website and Instagram page