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Creating Magical Spaces

With dogged entrepreneurial spirit, Mutya Crisostomo-Buensuceso has created a gem of a business that makes Magical Spaces for our little family miracles.

Now found in over 22 countries worldwide, Spinkie was formally introduced to the Philippines just the other week. You can be sure that discriminating Moms here were overjoyed that, at long last, this prestige brand gets to roost in its home court. While general perception had the brand pegged as originating from Australia or Great Britain, thanks to the reception and exposure it has received in those countries, Spinkie is in fact the brainchild of Filipina entrepreneur Mutya Crisostomo-Buensuceso.

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After years of developing and building other people’s brands and businesses, I decided in 2011 with my baby Mayumi in tow to launch our own brand together @spinkiebaby. It did very well and had international distribution on the back on 1 star product The Butterfly Pillow which is a chiropractic-inspired head and neck suport pillow for infants to adults. However, what we had back then was not enough to pay for the house we wanted to build for our family - The Black House that you see on my IG and @jinggoybuensuceso ‘s. In late 2012 with only PHP 141.25 in our bank account, Jinggoy and I made a decision that I needed to go back to corporate and do what I do best because we had a house to build and a community of people to support. It wasn’t easy for a Mum like me to not be part of my babies’ (now 2) every moment at home but we just had to make it work. I was blessed to join a great company which gave me and many people I worked with an opportunity to grow and be at our best and when it was time to go back to my family, I rebuilt spinkie once more.✨ ... In 2017, we relaunched spinkie with a new strategic direction and product line led by our signature Dreamy Canopy, which introduced spinkie to the world. Today, spinkie is in 22 countries thanks to our official stockists and a part of more than 10,000 magical spaces for children since the relaunch. It is part of an enabling ecosystem of Mums around the world - proudly Sewn by Mums, Sold by Mums and Started by a Mum now working from her home while enjoying her family.✨ ... Tomorrow is our homecoming in the Philippines and a thanksgiving. Time to meet us here right in our home country and create magical spaces together. Come and drop by #MagicalSpacesbySpinkie tomorrow, Saturday 10.19.19 at 4pm, The Eye at Green Sun. Open to all who believe in magic.✨😊💕

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A brand that’s noted for Children’s Decor, Toys, and Clothing; Spinkie was formed a decade ago, and launched such hero products as the Butterfly Pillow, and the Dreamy Canopy. Creating magical spaces for children from ages 0-11; Spinkie was seen in Khloe Kardashian’s baby True’s nursery, and is one of go-to products used by noted Australian interior stylist Tarina Wood. The newborn of former Hi-5 star Lauren Brant is ensconced in a nursery room that also highlights Spinkie merchandise. All hand-sewn as part of a sustainable livelihood Manila project that employs mothers, Mutya is proud to label Spinkie as ‘Sewn by Mums, and Sold by Mums’.

I first met Mutya when she was one of the rising stars as a Brand Manager here in Unilever Philippines. Assigned within the region and working abroad for some years, it was taking over Luxasia here in the Philippines that brought her back; and it was in 2009 that she took the first steps in making her dream project of Spinkie a reality. Post-Luxasia, she was able to really devote her full concentration on growing the Spinkie brand, and diversifying the product lines. She’s taken all the work experience she amassed working in the corporate world, specializing in consumer products, and personal care products.  Now, she is applying this knowledge to an enterprise she can call her own.

During the day of the launch held at Green Sun, one could visibly see and feel the pride Mutya has in how she has nurtured this singular brand of Spinkie. It’s a specialized business that has created its own enviable niche. Her family was present to show their support, led by her sister Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan. Her husband, visual artist and sculptor, Jinggoy Buensuceso and children were there cheering her on.  The Spinkie launch was highlighted by a speech from Mutya herself, and a radiant children’s fashion show.

You can visit Spinkie at their website,, to find out what the fuss is all about. Dreamy, romantic, with an impeccable attention to detail, Spinkie is about enhancing the environment your child is born into, and spends his or her first formative years. If there truly is something magical about the spaces where Spinkie products are found, chalk that up to the vision of Mutya, and her resilience in ensuring this vision was executed well, and that the quality of the products can speak for themselves.

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