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Sweet Pairings: Tableware To Match Your Sweet Cravings

If you’re planning to send some sweets this Love month, check out our recommended pairings of sweet treats and Instagrammable tableware

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we hope you’re already starting to prepare gifts and surprises to make the day extra special for your loved ones (to avoid the last-minute cramming, of course). And if you’re the foodie type, you’re in luck because there are tons of options to explore for Valentine’s Day!

As they say, eating is an experience not just for our tastebuds, but for the other senses as well. This is why we’re drawn to food that visually look good. To take the visual appeal of food to the next level, we’re pairing up our favorite sweet treats with new tableware finds because we believe that beautiful desserts *need* to be served in equally beautiful wares.

Check out the gallery below for our ultimate guide on sweet pairings—from mochi in Japanese ceramics to cookies in iron baskets.

11 Globally-Inspired Essentials Give A Fresh Take On Entertaining


11 Globally-Inspired Essentials Give A Fresh Take On Entertaining

Get your food from:

Macarons and Romance Cake from Bizu
Felicia’s Almondettes, ensaymada, pili crumble, and sansrival from The Commissariat

Valentine’s Day donuts from Baked by Trimy  
Assorted flower tartlets from halfsaints
Silvanas from Cipriano Sans Rival
Mini olive oil cakes from Casa Saporzi
Custom buttercream cakes from Doughmestic Botanicakes 
Cookies from Moloko Handcrafted Cookies
Breads from Panaderya Toyo
Mochi from Mochi Bites
Coffee from daily.