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There’s Big Potential In The T-House, A Local Prototype Home Aligned With The Tiny House Movement

From a WFH Space to a farmhouse, this abode presents many options for post-pandemic living

Hoping to help satisfy every person’s right to a home, product architect Philipp Inno designs the T-House as a living solution.  The “T” in “T-House” is a nod to the tiny house movement that has seen many incarnations around the world as a revolutionary way of living by turning back from the urban life, and more often than not, planting oneself in the vastness of an open field somewhere non-urban.   

“The movement is literally about moving - to help humanity move out from the stressful city to a more serene vicinity;moving from loving all sizable to loving small; moving from a sophisticated life to a life that is satisfyingly so simple,” says the architect.  

Philipp Inno proposes very simple materials for building the modular T-House: steel as its skeleton; glass, fiberglass, bamboo, wooden planks, fiber-cement boards, aluminum composite panels, corten steel may be applied to its exterior and interior skins.   Galvanized-iron and pre-painted corrugated metal sheets may be used for its cladding.  Windows are glass framed in aluminum.   

The T-House has been built as a Work From Home Space at the BLOC Camp Site in Laguna:

T-House realized as a work from home space in Cavite | Courtesy of Philip Inno


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Incidentally, “T” also stands for “Transformer.”  Check out its vast potetial:

The product architect envisions an idyllic future with the this prototype.  Watch it here:

Photographs Courtesy Of Philipp Inno


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