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There's A New Real Estate Website That Makes Buying, Selling and Leasing Property Easier for Filipinos

The brainchild of Japanese real estate mogul, Hiroki Kazato and Shiela Baylon, PropertyAccess Launched in the Philippines

PropertyAccess Philippines is a rising real estate digital company in Asia that provides users with real estate multi-listings, intelligent data, and analysis. The company connects real estate developers, agents, institutional/retail buyers and sellers, landlords, and tenants across Southeast Asia. Last January 16, PropertyAccess Philippines was launched at The Conservatory at The Peninsula Manila Hotel. Esteemed real estate professionals, from top-performing real estate brokers and agents to leading Philippine and Southeast Asian property developers to international real estate investors, graced the event.

The force behind PropertyAccess, Hiroki Kazato and Shiela Baylon are flanked by members of their staff and Filipino celebrities at their January 16 launch in the Manila Peninsula.
The force behind PropertyAccess, Hiroki Kazato and Shiela Baylon are flanked by members of their staff and Filipino celebrities at their January 16 launch in the Manila Peninsula | Courtesy of Castro Communications



The company was founded in 2018 by two Real Estate moguls: Hiroki Kazato, the chief executive officer, and Shiela Baylon, the chief revenue and partnership officer.


Kazato is a widely recognized expert in real estate trading and distribution. In 2010, he founded his own company, Real Estate Intermediary Transparency Forum Co., Ltd. which he soon sold to Sony Group and helped establish Sony Real Estate Co., Ltd where he served as an executive.


Baylon has extensive marketing and sales experience in Real Estate Consultancy, and Development and Digital industries. She has lived and worked in the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and now Singapore, and has deep knowledge in different business cultures and substantial exposure in Asian real estate markets.


Kazato and Baylon noticed the vast potential of the Southeast Asian Real Estate Industry after they realized that the demand for properties can be supplied by Southeast Asia. In the pursuit of revitalizing real estate transactions in Japan and the world, the founders bridged a connection between Japan and the Philippines after seeing the fast-growing yet affordable market in the Philippines.

As an online platform, PropertyAccess Philippines aims to make buying, selling, and leasing real estate properties easier for Filipinos to do. It envisions a strong network of international real estate professionals and an efficient online real estate platform that fosters transparency of information and accessibility to wider markets.



During the launch, PropertyAccess Philippines presented its newly designed website with a new user interface and a better user experience journey that will raise the bar of what is currently available in the market. The design is modeled after innovative websites from the two leading markets in the region: Singapore and Australia. Guided by Japanese aesthetic and sensibility, the website looks sleek and easy to understand. It is straightforward and comprehensive. Keeping the target audience in mind, the website is intuitive, loads quickly, and has better flexibility on mobile.


Real estate agents and brokers can use the website to find customer leads for their property listings. Individuals with properties to sell can also find these agents and/or brokers to help them with the sales. For only ₱999/month, sellers or real estate agents and brokers can post an unlimited number of listings with absolutely no commission sharing to PropertyAccess Philippines.


From there, interested buyers and renters can see the property listings and use the website as a medium to communicate with agents and brokers. They will have access to comprehensive information about property listings and have an easy time communicating with agents and brokers for questions or transactions.

Screen Shot of PropertyAccess Philippines Webpage
Screen Shot of PropertyAccess Philippines Webpage



PropertyAccess Philippines will continue to improve its website that follows its vision of transparency of information and accessibility to wider markets. Buyers can anticipate PropertyAccess providing more information to assist in property searching endeavors. Real estate agents and brokers can count on exposure to the Japanese market through the various events PropertyAccess Philippines has in store for 2020 and the years to come.