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Just In Time For Holiday Gatherings, This Professional Florist Gives Practical Tips On How To Arrange Flowers

Bespoke florist Sabrina Poon shares practical tips on how to elevate your home decor this Christmas

Ah, Christmas—the season of giving, receiving...and for the hostess with the mostest, entertaining friends and family at home. What better time of year is there to gather friends and family for one festive evening? Holiday parties are the perfect excuse to prepare the most scrumptious spread, to bring out your most prized tableware, and to give your home a merry, jolly makeover (and we're not only talking about Christmas trees).

Up your DIY decorating game by arranging your own flowers! They not only add life to your space—but plants can also set the mood for your party, and add an Instagram-worthy touch, too. We consulted Sabrina Poon, the founder of Beyond Flowers, a personal bespoke arrangement boutique, for tips and tricks on how to arrange flowers in your own home. With A-listers on her roster of clientle, Sabrina is popular for her custom arrangements. "I love exchanging ideas with our clients to come up with something special—that way, we keep flower arrangements more meaningful and special."

To score expert tips on flower arrangements, scroll ahead!

1. The best time to buy flowers is on a Thursday afternoon

Sabrina suggests buying flowers from Dangwa on a Thursday afternoon to score good deals. Don't forget to take advantage of seasonal flowers and plants perfect for the holiday season!

2. Have a goal in mind before going to the market

Set an objective; consider the occasion and theme you wish to achieve. "Zero in on a specific idea because once you go to the flower market there will be so many flowers, foliage, fillers and accents," Sabrina quips.

3. Don't be afraid to mix plants!
"Just like fashion highs and lows, mix imported and local varieties of flowers and foliage," shares Sabrina. If you're looking for sturdier greenery, go for tropical plants—they're made for the Philippines' warm and humid climate. 

4. Take note of these fool-proof combinations!

For entrances and foyers, Sabrina recommends doing tall flower arrangements. On the other hand, long and low arrangements complement living rooms and dining rooms best. For bedrooms, Sabrina suggests Boston ferns, aloe vera, and other air purifying plants. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing—they have health benefits, too!

5. Finally, there's more to Christmas flowers than poinsettia

Aside from the classic red flowers, another holiday item worth investing on is a fresh pine tree. Beyond Flowers offers miniature pine trees, which they can personally deliver to your house. 

"Fresh pine trees are wonderful accents to any home this holiday season because of its fresh pine scent. Plus, the fact that it's fresh would definitely be a conversation piece," adds Sabrina. Currently, they offer an arrangement that is approximately two feet tall (60cm). Clients have the option to get the tree as it is, or to add accents.  Aside from miniature pine trees, Beyond Flowers also offers fresh wreaths. They can also add monograms to personalize the arrangements, making these plants perfect Christmas gifts as well! 

To make an appointment with Sabrina, call her at  0917-857-9326, or visit her boutique at the ground floor of Tifanny Mansion, Eisenhower St., Greenhills San Juan.