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Trend Spotted: The Cutest K-Drama Plushies and Merch

Fall in love with a series, keep their memory through their endearing merchandise and relive the comfort of childhood while you’re at it

We know how difficult it is to move on from your favorite K-Drama series after they have concluded.  You can always start the series, and go through the feel-good emotions all over again, but better yet, keep their memory forever with exclusive merchandise created just for the series.  Often, these come in the form of plushies that have appeared in the K-Dramas.  Remember the hard-working bull in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim or Mr. Buckwheat from The Guardian: The Lonely Goblin?  In each series, these plush toys become characters themselves, as the protagonists interact with them, cuddling them or speaking to them.  These provide some form of comfort to our favorite K-Drama characters, not unlike how that worn out teddy bear once kept us warm with company as children.

There is really no way to explain this trend, except that it may be a cultural phenomenon, something distinctly Asian.  Design-wise, this predilection towards the cute and the comforting expresses a uniquely Asian take on the aesthetics of each character.  Merchandise design comes from a long tradition by large media companies, the likes of Disney.  To be drawn to ones that are distinctly Asian just celebrates the fact that we have gained an appreciation for the culture and aesthetics of our East Asian neighbors, whereas in the not-so-distant past, our appreciation for pop culture was dominated by the West.

Here are our top 10 recommendations: