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Here's Friluftsliv, The Danish Concept Of Open Air Living

Bringing the outdoors in? We’re in!

During the pandemic, we’ve all coped with being cooped up at home through bringing the outdoors inside our spaces. From evolving into certified plantitos and plantitas to putting bits and pieces of the outdoors into our nooks and crannies, we’re all guilty of hopping on the trend. 

Unknown to many, there’s an actual term for this “outdoors for indoors” thing we’ve been doing. The Norwegian concept called friluftsliv (pronounced as free-loves-liv) is a term that means “open air living”. It centers on letting fresh air in, having nature within the space, and putting themes of adventure wherever possible—simply whatever gives us a taste of the outside.

A quick Instagram search of #friluftsliv yields photos that show the splendor of nature, with pets frolicking about its magnificence, raw and effervescent.  Who wouldn't want more of this in their lives:

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While it’s been going on for months—this love affair we have with friluftsliv—you may want to take note of pieces that will accentuate this way of living fully into your interiors. Think of nature-inspired items that breathe life into a home, like organic materials and textures, a collection of indoor plants, and even landscape portraits.

To incorporate more friluftsliv into your home, the birth of IKEA Philippines will be a great delight to you. Its roots may be found in Norway's neighbor, Sweden, but the brand is not short on items that will infuse that outdoor feel in.

Below, we gathered 15 finds from Ikea to help you embrace the concept of friluftsliv.


  • KALAS Plate

VÅGRÄT Tea Infuser

  • VÅGRÄT Tea Infuser


  • KNIPSA Basket

DRAGAN Bathroom Set

  • DRAGAN Bathroom Set

LYDERSHOLM Flatwoven Rug

  • LYDERSHOLM Flatwoven Rug


  • YPPERLIG/NILSOVE Table and Chairs

SOLLERÖN Modular Corner Sofa

  • SOLLERÖN Modular Corner Sofa

NORBERG Wall-mounted Drop-leaf Table

  • NORBERG Wall-mounted Drop-leaf Table

KINNARED Cloud stickers

  • KINNARED Cloud stickers

TONAD Owl Decoration

  • TONAD Owl Decoration

SJÄLSLIGT Cacti Decoration

  • SJÄLSLIGT Cacti Decoration



DOFTA Potpourri

  • DOFTA Potpourri

STORHAGA LED table lamp

  • STORHAGA LED table lamp

IDANÄS Bed Frame

  • IDANÄS Bed Frame
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Feel-Good Home Décor For Stylish Gathering Spaces