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What Makes A Space Beautiful: Micaela Benedicto

Architect-musician-artist, Micaela Benedicto shares her perception of the word "beautiful"

Beauty is always, always subjective. No matter where we look, our individual preferences and tastes determine the definition of the word. Thus, we can safely say that “real” beauty, indeed, is in the eye of the beholder. Cliche, true—but cliche for a reason.
And as we celebrate beauty this month, we asked several designers on “What makes a space beautiful?” to them—a series of anecdotes from the experts in the industry that explains the point of the matter. 

In their line of work, creating a “work of beauty” is essential. But outside of it, how do they really see its significance? How do they incorporate it in their lives? What do they consider as beautiful? These, and a number of breathtaking visuals of their personal masterpieces, will introduce to you the kind of beauty as perceived by their very eyes, hearts and souls.

Today, we let you dive into the realms of beauty in space and design from MB Architecture Studio’s Micaela Benedicto. 

For you, what makes a space beautiful?

“I think it becomes beautiful when there is deeper thought in it that comes through, or when its layers go beyond what you immediately see or what you initially expect. It’s also nice when something personal goes into it—an experience or a memory. I think spaces are beautiful when they provoke strong thoughts or emotions.”

How do you incorporate beauty in design and in your everyday life?

“By trying to see things in different ways, to see things outside of themselves—finding reason in them, or humor perhaps.”

What is a work of yours that you consider as most beautiful? Why?

“I think the Z House is good because the idea was very clear throughout the process of designing and building it and I think it shows. I also think there’s a timelessness to it; it’s going to age gracefully. Also the Kodama house for its honesty and imperfections. That one is quite brutal—it pretty much throws the conventional idea of beauty out the window.

How has your perception of beauty changed through the years?

“I think in everything, flaws have become more welcome. Accidents can be the best things—things that weren’t planned or variables that are out of your control. In my artwork and music this happens quite a lot; the flaws really come out and I really like that character of going past the edges, to not be so controlling of your work all the time. There needs to be some space for odd things to happen. And there needs to be some space for people to be able to place something of themselves in the space or object they see, or in the sound that they hear. 

What is a beautiful thing that has inspired you?

“In recent years, the memory of someone I loved, the thoughts we shared in our everyday lives, and his work.  This has affected me and my work in profound ways.”

In the gallery below, see Micaela Benedicto’s most beautiful works to inspire you: