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Creative Tile Design Ideas To Consider On Your Next Tiling Project

More than just a finish, your tile choices and designs set the tone for your home

The selection of tiles is one of the top-most essential decisions to make when it comes to the finishing of a space. Your choice of tile design is a long-term commitment.  It determines the ambiance of your home, making it homey and cheerful, bright, elegant or modern.  Check out some creative tile designs from Wilcon you can consider installing in your home:

Create Artistry With Patchwork

For a more vibrant and customized feel on your walls, use patchwork tiles. When installed properly, patchwork tiles can give off an eclectic design with intricate accents and patterns. Sticking to the same color scheme helps make the space feel more pulled together.

Patchwork Tiles By Tesany

  • Patchwork Tiles By Tesany

Subway Tiles for Perfect Lines

Designing with subway tiles might be a classic option but with creativity, you can definitely pull off unique styles for a modern-looking space.  Plain ones can look nostalgic in white, a throwback to heritage kitchens.  On the other hand, beveled subway tiles lend elegance.  Still, those that come in exciting hues give a very dynamic, modern spin to a room.  You can opt to install them in a stacked pattern, a running bond or vertical running bond pattern. They are versatile, and can easily complement various home interiors. 

Prism Subway Tiles by Cifre | Courtesy of Wilcon

Prism Subway Tiles by Cifre

  • Prism Subway Tiles by Cifre

Embossed Lines for Texture

Embossed lines offer a modern touch to your space. Tiles with embossed texture evokes character making it perfect for accent walls. This type of tile design can also blends perfectly with a great variety of tile patterns without resulting in an overwhelming look.

Go Rustic

Just like a country home worthy of editorials, rustic tile designs offer a look that feels like the your space has been enhanced by the patina of time. You can often see faded, crumpled, and discolored patterns that creates a nostalgic touch on your walls. Rustic tiles can fit nicely in industrial, country, and even in modern spaces.

Colonial Tiles by Cifre | Courtesy of Wilcon

Colonial Tiles by Cifre

  • Colonial Tiles by Cifre

Splendid Metallic Mosaics

Elegant and luxurious, metallic mosaic tiles offer a deluxe feel with its smooth and glossy textures. This type of tile design can surely stand out in any space due to its unique shapes and colors that  create one stand-out design.

Peel and Stick Mosaic Tiles by Picasso | Courtesy of Wilcon

Peel and Stick Tiles by Picasso

  • Peel and Stick Tiles by Picasso

Unique Play of Textured Patterns

If you have plain and boring walls, get a quick upgrade with textured tile patterns. This creates more depth. To maintain its harmonious feel, opt for tiles of the same color scheme.

Speck of Floral on Plains

In any tiling job, it is important to consider aesthetic balance. When dealing with subtle and plain colored tiles, opt to match it with more extravagant and colorful designs like floral patterns when going for a statement.


Linear Tile Series by Gardenia Orchidea

  • Linear Tile Series by Gardenia Orchidea

Neutrality With Grayscale

The grayscale tile designs evoke a light and fresh look that is perfect for minimalist spaces.  Layering warm neutrals creates a textured look.  Natural wood, stone and even glass work well with these.

Brick And Stone Look

The epitome of a homespun interior—tiles that simulate brick and stone exude warmth ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. The textured surface and earthy colors come together to form a rugged yet classic wall layout. 

Stone Effect Wall Tiles by Oset | Courtesy of Wilcon

Stone-effect Wall Tiles by Oset

  • Stone-effect Wall Tiles by Oset

Vibrant And Colorful

If you’re looking for ways to add more life to a room, use bright and cheerful colored tiles on your walls. These vibrant finishes make a room feel welcoming.  You can apply them as one shot of color on a wall or as mosaics.  Feeling adventurous?  Go for both, as in the example below, where the general wall finish is a colored tile, and the backsplash elevation is a complementing patterned tile.

Paint Tile Series by Herberia | Courtesy of Wilcon

Paint Tile Series by Herberia

  • Paint Tile Series by Herberia

The Stylish Combo Of Wood And Pattern

When trying to be creative with your tiling job, go bold and make a statement by mixing two different patterns and textures of tiles. The contrasting tile designs will surely result in a stunner of a space. To maintain the familiarity and avoid a visually-jarring result, always choose tile designs of the same color scheme. For instance, wood-look tiles and any pattern with neutral or earth colors is a good cohesive combination. 

Patterned Tiles by Roman | Courtesy of Wilcon

Pattern Tiles By Roman

  • Pattern Tiles By Roman

Wood-Look Tiles by Grupo Halcon

  • Wood-Look Tiles by Grupo Halcon

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