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10 Female K-Drama Characters And Their Peg-worthy Spaces

Portrayed with dynamism and heart, these characters also inhabit spaces that give loads of inspiration

K-Dramas have represented women in many dynamic ways.  They have lit our small screens in various roles they’ve played, from the CEO in the board room to the closet fan-girl.  These characters are not only endearing.  Their determination to make it in the world is noteworthy and integral to the inspiration they give.  Of course, these characters don’t just move in any boring environment.  Made just for them, the sets that support each character give life to these roles, helping make each of them unforgettable. These environments often represent a fundamental part of the character where they can express their style.  These also clue us into the histories that inform each character’s development (Think the Cursed Castle in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, for example).  

Here’s a look at the some of the most memorable women in K-Dramas and the spaces that breathe life into these characters: